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How to Connect to RTSP Sources (IP Cameras) during TrueConf Conferences

June 11, 2019


TrueConf Server users can connect to IP cameras via RTSP from their client desktop/mobile applications and inspect remote facilities during video conferences. This opportunity has become possible thanks to the built-in multiple gateway.

TrueConf Server can operate in private network so the video you broadcast cannot be accessed by any unauthorized parties.

How to Connect to RTSP Sources (IP Cameras) during TrueConf Conferences 1

The number of cameras you can connect to depends on your server license: 1 camera for the free version and up to 100 cameras for the full version (providing that SIP/H.323 gateway is enabled).

We will take TrueConf for Windows client application as an example showing how users can connect to IP cameras during video conferences.

Why Connect to IP Cameras during Video Conferences

Connecting to RTSP cameras during briefings and conferences is helpful because it allows you to:

  • Track repair and construction works performed by your employees.
  • Monitor technological processes at the production facilities of your company.
  • View any broadcast sources during video calls. You can use TrueConf client applications to watch football or news programs together with remote users.

Calling RTSP Sources from TrueConf Applications

Only RTSP sources supporting H.264 video codec and either AAC or MP3 audio codecs can be connected to TrueConf conferences.

To connect to a camera, you should know its RTSP URL. In addition to the camera IP address, this URL address may contain:

  • Connection port
  • Username and password
  • Camera or stream ID

The format of a RTSP URL address varies depending on manufacturer standards as well as the camera model. We recommend that you find the RTSP URL assigned specifically to your model.

Here are some examples of how RTSP URLs of some cameras may look like:

Camera Address
Logitech rtsp://
HikVision rtsp://admin:12345@
ActiveCam rtsp:// :554/streaming/video1

To use the camera address in our application, you should:

  • Add # to the beginning
  • Replace all / characters  with %2f

The resulting string is a multipurpose call string that identifies an RTSP source as a user not only in all client applications but also during any interaction with TrueConf Server.

Take a look at the example of such a call string:

Now the path is clear: enter the string in the search field and call by clicking on the entry that appears in the address book. In this menu, you can also add the camera to your address book and call it in two clicks.

How to Connect to RTSP Sources (IP Cameras) during TrueConf Conferences 2

Read more about these and other features of our client applications in the user guide.

If you call a camera during a conference, it will be added as one of the participants.

How to Connect to RTSP Sources (IP Cameras) during TrueConf Conferences 3

Mobile Surveillance

When you connect to cameras during video conferences from TrueConf for Android and iOS applications, the steps are no different from what was mentioned above.

If you want to learn more about mobile applications, please read our articles:

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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