How to Assign Default H.323/SIP Servers When Setting Up the Gateway

Elizaveta Nesova
August 26, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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If your users often call the same SIP PBX or H.323 server, you can create a new rule (i.e. configuration to connect to this server that has a special role) in TrueConf Server to obviate the need for entering the server’s IP address or DNS name in the call string.

There are two types of these roles: one is used to make the call string shorter, and the other is to activate telephony.

You can create configurations in the Network → SIP Gateway or Network → H.323 Gateway sections in the control panel. If you want to assign roles, check the corresponding box when setting the rule.

Learn more about configurations in TrueConf Server documentation sections on SIP and H.323 .

Default VoIP Server

This server receives calls from the client’s dialer. This function is convenient to use when setting up connection between TrueConf Server and IP telephony server.

The Default VoIP Server checkbox can be found in setup forms of both SIP and H.323 configurations, but only one of them can be set as default.

Read our article about phone calls if you want to know how this function works and where to find the dialer.

Default SIP Proxy and H.323 Gatekeeper

You can assign default destination servers separately for SIP and H.323 calls. To that end, when you set up configuration, check the following box:

  • For SIP: Default SIP Proxy
  • For H.323: Default H.323 Gatekeeper

#sip:[user] or #h323:[user] calls will be automatically routed to the device for which you created the rule. For example:

  • #sip:441
  • #sip:george
  • #h323:admin

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