How to make calls to SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf for iOS app?

Alina Krukova
August 14, 2015
Alina Krukova
Categories: Tutorials

Make calls to SIP and H.323 devices with your iPhone and iPad, creating point-to-point or multipoint video conferences.

You can make a SIP call form your iOS device in four different formats:

  • #sip:Call_ID@Server_name, there Call_ID — SIP user, Server_name – host name or SIP server IP-address (;
  • #sip:Call_ID, the call is directed to the Call_ID on the server, set in the VoIP Server /SIP Proxy section of SIP Gateway tab (#sip:james78);
  • #sip:@IP, call is made via IP address of a SIP terminal(#sip:@;
  • #sip:@hostname, SIP Terminal call using DNS name.

Let’s make a SIP call, using the following format: #sip:@IP. Follow two simple steps and create your own conference!

Step 1: Find a SIP contact using Search

Enter your SIP user address to the Search field in the following format: #sip:@IP:

Search iOS

Step 2: Make a call

Tap the green handset icon button to the right from SIP user address:

Call to SIP iOS

To make future SIP calls easier, add SIP user address to the Address Book tapping blue button with plus symbol on it Add-to-address-book-iOS.

How to call H.323 terminal

To make a direct H.323 terminal call via IP, the following combination is used: #h323:@IP, where IP is the target terminal address.

To make an H.323 Terminal call with external H.323 Gatekeeper use the following combination: h323:terminal_id, where terminal_id is the target terminal identifier, or combination #h323:\e\terminal_e164, if the identifier is in E.164 format. To make the SIP users visible by the H.323 Gatekeeper or MCU, TrueConf Server must be pre-registered in both examples above. Read more on how to register TrueConf Server on external H.323 Gatekeeper in our Tutorial.

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