How to make calls to SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf for Android app?

Alina Krukova
August 17, 2015
Alina Krukova

With TrueConf Server you can make calls to SIP and H.323 devices. Read this article to know how to make a call from Android client app to SIP/H.323 endpoint.

You can call SIP users from your Android device in four different ways:

  • #sip:Call_ID@Server_name, where Call_ID is a SIP user, Server_name is a host name or SIP server IP-address (;
  • #sip:Call_ID, the call is directed to the Call_ID on the server, set in the VoIP Server /SIP Proxy section of SIP Gateway tab (#sip:james78);
  • #sip:@IP, call using SIP endpoint IP address (#sip:@;
  • #sip:@hostname, call using SIP endpoint DNS name.

Let’s make a SIP call using the following format: #sip:Call_ID@Server_name. Creating your own conference is easy!

Step 1: Enter the Search menu in your Address Book

Search Android

Step 2: Enter SIP user address

Enter the address in the following format: #sip:Call_ID@Server_name, where Call_ID is a SIP user, and Server_name is a host name or SIP server IP-address. Tap the address when ready:

Address SIP

Step 3: Make a call

When all the instructions in Steps 1-2 are done correctly, the Call button activates and you are able to add SIP user address and additional information to the Address Book.
Tap Call button to make a SIP call:

Call Android

To add a new SIP contact to the Address Book, tap the yellow button with Plus icon on it Add-to-address-book-Android.

How to call H.323 terminal

To call directly to H.323 endpoint via IP, the following combination is used: #h323:@IP, where IP is the target endpoint address.

To make an H.323 Terminal call with external H.323 Gatekeeper, use the following combination: h323:terminal_id, where terminal_id is the target endpoint identifier, or combination #h323:\e\terminal_e164, if the identifier is in E.164 format. To make SIP users visible by the H.323 Gatekeeper or MCU, TrueConf Server must be pre-registered in both examples above. Read more on how to register TrueConf Server on external H.323 Gatekeeper in our Tutorial.

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