How to call SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf mobile applications

Alina Krukova
August 17, 2015
Alina Krukova

You can call third-party video conferencing endpoints via SIP and H.323 protocols and invite them to group video conferences right from your TrueConf mobile application for iOS or Android.

To call video conferencing endpoint, you should use special call string format; otherwise, there are no differences between regular TrueConf calls (learn more about how to make calls from TrueConf for iOS or Android in our blog post).

For example, to make a call to a SIP endpoint using its IP address, you need to enter: #sip:@IP. To make a call to a H.323 endpoint, you need to enter: #h323:@IP.

If H.323 endpoint is registered on a third-party Gatekeeper or MCU, enter #h323:user_id to call it, where user_id is its identifier.

Such calls are available only after you have registered TrueConf Server on this MCU.

If the endpoint being called has E.164 number format (e.g. e164_id), you should use the following format to call it: #h323:\e\<e164_id>.

How to Call SIP endpoint

Enter necessary characters in the call string and press the call button:

TrueConf for Android

TrueConf for iOS

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