How to call H.323 endpoint from TrueConf?

Alina Krukova
June 18, 2015
Alina Krukova

TrueConf Server allows to make calls from client applications to H.323-endpoints, as well as invite them to multipoint conferences.

The number of H.323 connections in the full version of the server is limited according to the license terms (5 or 10 connections are permitted in a conference).

The free version TrueConf Server Free is limited to one H.323 connection (whether it is a group conference or a 1-on-1 video call).

We will guide you through connecting an H.323 endpoint with TrueConf Client application in a group conference or a video call. We are going to use Polycom RealPresence Desktop as an endpoint.

How Can a TrueConf User Make a Call to an H.323 Endpoint?

The administrator of a server must register an H.323 endpoint first. For information about how to do this, see a detailed instruction. Enter the H.323 endpoint data in the Address Book. The ID of an H.323 endpoint should look like this: #h323:@IP, where IP is its address:

Add a new contact

Open the Address book of a TrueConf client application and call that H.323 endpoint:


How can a TrueConf User Invite a Polycom User to a Group Conference?

Method № 1. Creating a conference on the TrueConf’s server side

Go the Group Conferences tab in the Web Manager tool of the server and click Create. In the Create New Group Conference window that opens, fill in all the fields. Add an H.323 endpoint user in the Add new participants section. For this purpose, fill in the field Add:


Method № 2. Creating a conference on the TrueConf Client application side

Enter the menu for creating a group conference in the client application TrueConf Client, add a Polycom H.323 endpoint user to the participants list and click Start:

Create Group Conference

How Can an H.323 Endpoint User Make a Call to a TrueConf User?

To call a TrueConf Server user, you only need to specify the name of a TrueConf user in the field H323ID or E.164 (if the name / alias consists of numbers).

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