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Success with TrueConf: 10 Inspiring Case Studies

February 28, 2020
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf has totally revolutionized the concept of video conferencing, inspiring remote teams to work remotely and stay productive wherever they are. We offer a self-hosted secure video collaboration platform so you can stay in touch with your colleagues 24/7. Tens of thousands of companies worldwide choose TrueConf every day to bring their business communications to a whole new level. Here are 10 notable case studies of our customers who implement TrueConf technology to achieve new goals and become more successful.

Department of Justice and Home Affairs, Switzerland

Department of Justice and Home Affairs

With TrueConf video conferencing technology, it is now possible for the Department to:

  • Run video hearings and proceedings;
  • Provide consultations with remote experts;
  • Allow remote witness testimony;
  • Increase safety and cut travel costs.

TrueConf provides legal professionals with an unlimited amount of options for running video hearings inside and outside the courtroom doors. In future, traditional court court proceedings may drastically change with the help of video conferencing technology.

Customer since 2017

ClinicTracker, United States

ClinicTracker Patient Portal

Thanks to the TrueConf API and a collaborative effort between the two teams, the companies succeeded in integrating video conferencing into ClinicTracker and the ClinicTracker Patient Portal. The new feature was made possible by WebRTC technology that allows people to make audio or video calls through their web browsers. In addition, their patients now schedule and hold video meetings with therapists in just a few clicks via any browser, without having to install any applications.

Customer since 2019

ZTM Bad Kissingen, Germany

ZTM Bad Kissingen

TrueConf Server has drastically improved the quality and performance of patient care in Rhön Klinikum and provided remote refugees with high quality medical diagnostics and timely treatment. ZTM Bad Kissingen has since received several accolades for its outstanding contribution to the telemedicine sphere.

Customer since 2016

Istanbul New Airport, Turkey

TrueConf SDK was used to equip the world’s largest airport with state-of-the-art information video kiosk system. The visitors of Istanbul Airport can experience a new level of real-time customer service and get immediate help in a matter of seconds. Self-service kiosks dramatically lowered the cost basis for the Istanbul Airport versus traditional customer service model while maintaining excellent quality of experience.

Customer since 2019

University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba

With TrueConf Server, University of Oriente unites 10 branches and more than 100 employees all over Cuba and abroad. The university administration significantly reduced its costs on foreign business trips, while university employees were given an opportunity to participate in conferences and engage in projects remotely.

“TrueConf Server is one of the most complete and stable systems that we have deployed here in our network. We have also had great attention from technical support, who have always been able to answer all our questions”. — Ernesto Eduardo Diaz Conde, System Administrator at University of Oriente Santiago de Cuba

Customer since 2017

Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait

Commercial Bank of Kuwait

Commercial Bank of Kuwait implemented TrueConf Server, a video conferencing software server, which could operate in LAN/VPN and guaranteed secure data storage and transfer. With TrueConf client applications installed in video kiosks, bank’s clients can directly contact remote call agents and solve their issues online. To maximize consultation effectiveness, operators can use team collaboration tools to share necessary documents with clients.

Customer since 2018

Royal Government of Bhutan, Bhutan

Success with TrueConf: 10 Inspiring Case Studies 1

With TrueConf Server, the Government has established a secure 4K video conferencing system that reduces travel costs, boosts internal management and improves communication and work efficiency while keeping IT budget flat. TrueConf Server is deployed across 20 Dzongkhag administrations, 15 Drungkhag administrations and 205 Gewog administrations with more than 400 user accounts distributed across government agencies.

Customer since 2017

Seniorenheim am Saaleufer, Germany

Seniorenheim am Saaleufer

TrueConf meeting solution connected five nursing homes and allowed 250 employees to collaborate with each other. TrueConf Server has helped SaS improve the quality of patient care by increasing both speed and efficiency of communications. This solution reduced the risk of medical errors almost to a minimum as it enabled healthcare providers to communicate with each other without any barriers.

Customer since 2019

Koluman Holding, Turkey

With TrueConf’s cross platform client applications, Koluman is able to adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept, as employees can join the meetings from laptops, tablets or smartphones. The system provides a number of tools, including content sharing, slideshow, chat, and conference recording, which are perfect for team collaboration among the Koluman branches.

Customer since 2019

Anygraaf Oy, Finland

Anygraaf Oy

By acquiring TrueConf Server, Anygraaf Oy has finally found a balanced solution to meet diverse needs of the company. Now the company successfully conducts weekly meetings among offices in Finland, Sweden and the USA, as well as daily conversations with colleagues. With TrueConf Server collaboration tools, users can be involved in ideation process right on their workplace by showing slides or desktop, chatting with their colleagues or share files.

If you want to give TrueConf a chance to become a game changer in your business, please contact us. We’ll be glad to discuss your project and help your team collaborate more efficiently!

Сustomer since 2013

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