Virtual Meeting Room

Virtual meeting room is a conference that does not require time settings and automatic start schedule. Participants can enter and leave this conference via conference ID anytime until the conference is hosted on the server.

Virtual Meeting Room 1

Virtual Meeting Room Benefits

Create a virtual room on TrueConf Server to open new collaboration opportunities:

  • Instant meetings and messaging : you won’t have to spend your time on meeting setup. Create your own virtual room once and use it when you need it most.
  • 24-hour access : your partners and customers will be able to connect to your virtual room at any time, from any place.
  • Save money on meeting room equipment in your office.

How to create a virtual meeting room on TrueConf Server

For administrators, creating a virtual room is as easy as creating a simple conference in the TrueConf Server control panel. Don’t forget to select Without schedule (virtual room) start mode in your settings.

Virtual Meeting Room 2

Regular TrueConf users can create virtual rooms:

How to connect to the virtual meeting room

TrueConf users can access their virtual rooms:

You can read more about the ways to connect to the conferences in our blog.

TrueConf client app users can add virtual rooms to their address books for quick access.

Virtual Meeting Room 3

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