How to Schedule a Conference in TrueConf for Windows

Dimitry Zuykov
August 25, 2020
Dimitry Zuykov

Users can now schedule and edit conferences right from the conference scheduler in their TrueConf client application without administrator’s help.

Virtual Rooms can also be created via the conference scheduler.

How to open the scheduler

In TrueConf client applications, proceed to TrueConf → Conference Scheduling click on the Calendar icon How to Schedule a Conference in TrueConf for Windows 1 in the Conference Manager section.

The scheduler will be opened in a new window.

Creating a conference via conference scheduler may not be possible due to administration’s restrictions on the TrueConf Server side.

How to create a conference

  1. Press Create a conference. If it is needed, you can choose the date for the conference in the calendar.
  2. Choose the type of the conference Meeting or Virtual Room. Press Continue.
To make the conference public, you can check the corresponding box (if the administrator of TrueConf Server has enabled this option).
  1. The conference editing page will be opened on The General tab. Enter the conference parameters here:
    • conference name
    • owner
    • conference mode
    • start time(including time zone) and duration.
  1. Proceed to the Participants tab and add participants who will be invited to the conference once it is started.
  2. If is required, you can configure the following settings:
    • layout set on the Layout tab
    • conference description and conference recording on the Advanced tab
  3. To save the conference, press Create.

All is set! Your conference is created and it will start at the time you set.

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