How to Host a Webinar Using TrueConf Server?

Elizaveta Nesova
January 15, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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With TrueConf Server you can organize webinars for up to 800 participants. Webinar scheduling is available not only for the server administrator via control panel, but also for the ordinary users from their conference scheduler in client applications.

Webinars can be accessed from TrueConf client applications (both desktop and mobile) or from any browser via our WebRTC application, which doesn’t require installation.

Step 1: Setting up TrueConf Server

Before organizing the webinar, make sure your TrueConf Server is properly configured.

First, add Public Web Conferences extension to your server license. Otherwise your guests (those users who don’t have TrueConf Server accounts) will not be able to connect to the webinar. To get a free trial or purchase Public Web Conferences extension, feel free to contact us.

Next, set up an HTTPS connection in TrueConf Server and open ports to enable WebRTC participants to join webinars. When using a self-signed HTTPS certificate, each WebRTC participant will need to manually add it to the list of trusted certificates on their system. That’s why we recommend to issue or purchase a full SSL certificate for a domain or IP address which grants access to TrueConf Server guest page.

Step 2: Create a Webinar

Go to TrueConf Server control panel in Group Conferences → Conferences and click Create. In the window that opens, select the Meeting type and enable Make the conference public checkbox. Set up conference parameters on the conference edit page.

General settings

Enter the following parameters on the General tab:

  • Webinar title
  • Webinar owner (in the Owner block)
  • Role-based (Conference Mode);
Role-based conference mode allows you bring interactive elements to your webinar thanks to different user roles (speakers and moderators)
  • Webinar date, start time (in your time zone) and duration (Date and Time section).
Specify webinar duration (at least 2 hours) to make sure the webinar ends on time.

Additional settings

Enter the following parameters on the Additional tab:

  • Come up with short and clear Conference ID used for entering the conference (applicable for any participants, including SIP/H.323 devices).
  • Check boxes to allow guests to send audio, video and messages during the webinar.
  • Enable streaming to widen your audience. You can use popular services for streaming setup.
Please note that this feature is available only if RTSP Streaming is included to your license.
  •  Enable sending automatic email invitation to your webinar. Email invitation will allow participants to proceed to the webinar page and add this event to their Google Calendar or any other calendar with support for data import from ics files, e.g. Microsoft Outlook.
Read more about email invitation settings on TrueConf Server in our blog post.

When all parameters are entered, press Save.

Step 3: Invite Users to Your Webinar

Share a link to the webinar web page

The link to the webinar webpage can be found in the side block of Conference List section. Follow the link, copy its URL address and share the link with your guests in any convenient way (e.g. share this link via email or  publish it in your blog).

Link to the conference TrueConf

Edit the list of webinar participants on the server

Go back to the editing page and proceed to the Participants tab. Open Contacts tab to appoint speakers, additional moderators, etc.  from your TrueConf Server user list. Additional moderator will be able to control the webinar in case the owner fails to join the meeting at the set time.

How to Host a Webinar Using TrueConf Server? 1

Open E-mail tab to add guests.

How to Host a Webinar Using TrueConf Server? 2

Press Add. Added participants will be automatically invited to the webinar upon its launch provided they are online.

Step 4. How to join the webinar

For the moderators

Moderators need to join webinars via TrueConf client applications to be able to manage the conference and control audio and video devices of the conference participants.

Moderators can use WebRTC applications to manage video layouts for browser guests and SIP/H.323 devices participating in the webinar. Their choice of video layout is also saved in video conference recordings.

Those attendees who joined the webinar via TrueConf client application are able to select their own video layout.

The owner can join the webinar before it starts to check their equipment. To join the webinar, enter the webinar link into the search field in your client application and make a call.

How to Host a Webinar Using TrueConf Server? 3

For the guests

Invited participants can join the webinar by following the link you’ve shared. Participants should join as guests and enter their name on the webinar page. After that various ways to join the webinar will be suggested to them depending on their operating system and browser.

Any SIP and H.323 endpoints can join your webinar: the only requirement is to purchase TrueConf Server SIP/H.323 gateway extension and have open ports responsible for establishing and registering connection between the server where webinar is hosted and the endpoints.

Step 5: Collaboration Tools

During the webinar, any attendee can become a speaker by taking the podium. To do it, click Take the Podium and send a corresponding request to the moderator in TrueConf client application window (Conference Manager menu) or WebRTC application.How to Host a Webinar Using TrueConf Server? 4

Webinar participants can send text messages both in group and personal chat. Chat allows moderators to receive feedback from the audience without interfering the webinar. To learn more about these features, read our article about role-based conferences.

Step 6: Share Content and Show Slides during Webinar

During a webinar, speakers and moderators can show slides and share content when connected via TrueConf client application. To share presentations in ppt (pptx) format, you need to install and setup Microsoft PowerPoint in advance.

Step 7: Process a Webinar Recording

In TrueConf Server, you can record any video conference including webinars. By default, conference recordings are saved on the server in mkv format. To view them, use media players with built-in support for VP8 video codec, e.g. VLC.

Once webinar has been finished, you can download the recording in TrueConf Server control panel. To process the recording in popular video editors (Adobe Premiere, Lightworks, etc.), convert it into mp4 format by using FFmpeg, a command-line tool. To launch this tool, use the following command:

ffmpeg -i input.mkv output.mp4

Once your recording has been converted or processed, you can upload it to YouTubе. In this case, your webinar can be watched by everyone including those participants who have missed the webinar.

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