UDP Multicast Advantages

Dimitry Zuykov
March 26, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) Multicast is a data transmission protocol under which a signal is transmitted through the Multicast switch, bypassing the server.

During a standard group video conference (without UDP Multicast mode) data are transmitted through a TrueConf Server instance to each participant. Data traffic during such a conference can substantially load the server channel.

UDP Multicast Advantages 1
The implementation of UDP Multicast mode during a group conference allows its participants to exchange data directly with each other without the server, thus decreasing its network load. Audio and video streams are transmitted only inside the UDP Multicast domain. These domains can be used in LAN or VPN. By default, data transmission under UDP Multicast protocol is available only inside a closed corporate network.

UDP Multicast Advantages 2

How to enable UDP Multicast  in TrueConf Server

Before enabling UDP Multicast mode in TrueConf Server, make sure that your network equipment supports it.

If your network equipment is not configured to work in UDP Multicast mode, conference participants will only see  a black screen during the conference.

To enable UDP Multicast mode in your TrueConf Server license, please, contact our sales department.

In UDP Multicast mode, the following features will not be available:

    1.  connecting to conferences via third-party protocols (WebRTC, RTSP, SIP, H.323, etc);
    2. connecting through client applications below TrueConf 7.3;
    3. conference recording and streaming.

How to create a UDP Multicast video conference in TrueConf Server

Step 1. Creating a conference

  1. Open TrueConf Sever control panel, proceed to the Group Conferences section and click Create button.
  2. Select Private conference type.


Step 2. Activating UDP Multicast mode in conferences

  1.  Go to the Advanced section.
  2. Check Turn on UDP Multicast box.
  3. After this, the box for editing an IP address will become active.


By default this field is pre-filled with adress, you’ve to enter address specific to your network environment. Please consult your network engineer for details.

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