Client Testimonials

This page provides you with the feedback of our clients on successful implementation of video conferencing system TrueConf Server.

ZTM Bad Kissingen provides help to the refugees with TrueConf technologies

«TrueConf is easy to use and the quality is very good. In Germany there are high data safety requirements and there are only a few conference solutions left, while TrueConf delivered very good and flexible options.»

Anygraaf Oy, a software developer from Finland, chooses TrueConf video conferencing to cut travel expenses

«TrueConf Server efficiently fulfills Anygraaf’s needs for remote branch and partner meetings. The solution is easy to setup and manage, and it works great not only on PCs, but also on Android and iOS mobile devices. What we like most is TrueConf unrivalled video conferencing quality, which remains stable even over slower networks.»

Male' High International Virtual Learning School Institute has implemented TrueConf Server to offer online education for more than 600 students

«We choose TrueConf for our online education because it is reliable and offers all our requirements. We use video conferencing in our Male’ High International School classes. As our students are dispersed all over Maldives we use video conferencing to deliver Maldivian Qualification Authority approved courses, degrees all over the Maldives. Mandhu College Virtual Campus delivers courses all over the Maldives. As we have this platform students can stay in their own islands and continue their education. Currently, we have 600 users connected to TrueConf video conferencing system.»

TrueConf enabled one of the largest hospital network in Germany to conduct regular video meetings, trainings, and urgent consultations

«We were satisfied with the project on the whole. The TrueConf Server solution completely realized our requirements for a conference solution. The really quick response times of the Sales and Support Team in the whole process of the project was remarkable.»

National Measurement Institute uses TrueConf Software as a desktop conferencing and collaboration system

«The TrueConf solution is fully integrated with our active directory and has performed exceptionally well across links of all sizes – even low bandwidth links in our remotest sites. Users have been very quick to adopt the group conferencing and presentation capabilities – providing us a solid solution for training, recruiting, meetings and bringing our teams together over the vast distances in Australia.»

Paddington Gold Pty Ltd has implemented TrueConf Server 3.2 to provide its mines with quality video connection

«One day I ran across the website. We decided to download the trial version and test it. We were satisfied not only with the superb quality of sound, but also with the quality of video. There were no crackling and or delay. In other words, it was high-level video conferencing.»

Australian Turf Club has deployed TrueConf Server to unite more than 2,000 employees

«TrueConf allowed us to fulfill our goals by providing a solution which is designed for private LAN/VPN networks and over the Internet with flexible pricing and licensing policy. TrueConf Server Solution was easy to deploy, scale and integrate with LDAP. Free mobile applications for point-to-point and group video conferencing between any Android or iOS device and laptops/desktops over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks also came really handy since our employees often use a wide range of communication devices.»

Department of Education and Training of Thai Nguyen has implemented TrueConf Server to cut travel expenses and save operation time

«It is worth noting that TrueConf allowed us to cut the expenses and time consumption on business trips of our employees. This, in its turn, improved our financial state and allowed us to invest more resources in the department’s IT infrastructure in order to comply with government’s demands.»

Rima Group has deployed TrueConf Server to connect employees from 9 branch offices

«TrueConf Server is an excellent solution for video conferencing with several additional tools and features. They have a very helpful staff that resolves any questions at any time. Excellent product and team.»

American Inc. has implemented TrueConf Server to speed up communication process and cut costs.American Inc. has implemented TrueConf Server to speed up communication process and cut costs

«We have 150+ users in our main facility and our Drafting and Engineering Dept is in the northwest corner of a 15 acre campus. Allowing drafters and engineers and project managers able to to build up and tear down a face to face meeting in three minutes has made a big difference in just the last 30 days.TrueConf Server easily integrates with Active Directory - the claimed 15 minute setup is closer to 5 minutes if you read the documentation. Other than that, it works out of the box for both local and remote clients.»

Binh Duong University has implemented TrueConf Server to provide students with distance learning programmes

«We use video conferencing in distance education. Trueconf Server is our best choice because it is possible to set-up a fully functional video conference system that works in a professional and reliable way with a minimal cost.»

With TrueConf Server, Acadia Federal Credit Union connected five branch offices and over 50 employees

«We chose TrueConf for its ease of use, its secure communications and because you don't need special hardware to run it. To top it off, the quality of the call is superb! It is truly a business grade solution at the highest level. I highly recommend TrueConf if you're looking for a video conference solution for your business.»

CFR Freight has implemented TrueConf Server to improve communication and cut travel costs

«TrueConf has given us the ability to not only save travel costs but also to save time. Training that would usually have to be done more than once at each branch now only needs to be done once. Time is as important as travel cost hence TrueConf Server being the perfect solution.»

Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) uses TrueConf Server to connect multiple affiliates

«The software supports all our requirements, it is easy to use and to manage. Of particular note is the easy access to the Active Directory and the associated simple and centralized user control.»

La Gran Guia S.A., a member of El Mercurio, has deployed TrueConf Server to coordinate the work of six branch offices and reach a higher level of efficiency

«We are very satisfied with the product purchased, as we meet the needs of our company. In Chile the networks are separate national network and international bandwidth. TrueConf is perfect working on internal network connection in our company and helps us to supervise branch offices daily operations and make it better.»

Elfab has implemented TrueConf Server and sucessfully connected two offices in UK and Singapore

«We needed a solution that allows us to carry out training and meetings primarily between the UK and Singapore. All other solutions we tried used the Internet and as such because of the bandwidth and latency it gave us very poor results. We are satisfied with TrueConf and found that it satisfied our needs at a reasonable cost.»

R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, Inc. has implemented TrueConf Server to connect employees from four distant offices

«TrueConf is a great and affordable full featured video conferencing solution that has allowed us and will allow us to better collaborate among coworkers among our four offices within the US. Installation and configuration of TrueConf is very easy and straightforward, the video and sound quality are superb, and the collaboration tools are amazingly useful. We strongly recommend this solution.»

Connetics uses TrueConf video conferencing server to enable multipoint video conferences among 6 locations

«The TrueConf video solution has met our needs successfully to improve participation and reduce travel needs.»

Shelter Products, Inc. uses TrueConf Server to leverage fast, secure, and private WAN connections among their 3 offices

«TrueConf Server is, by far, one of the best solutions we have evaluated. TrueConf helps us to save time and money by scheduling one meeting and delivering the information we need one time instead of traveling to each location and delivering the information in a separate meeting.»

TrueConf Server helped Ifakara Health Institute to facilitate internal meetings, experts’ presentations and evaluations

«The comparative advantage TrueConf facility has is the fact that it runs on our existing internal network and also over MPLS network which connects our branches. We did not want the video traffic to go over the internet as we have limited bandwidth in our institute. TrueConf was easy to install and the support was great during the installation stage. For a non-profit organization, TrueConf is the best choice with an attractive pricing scheme. We recommend other non-profit organizations to try TrueConf. They will not regret.» streams monthly business briefs for remote employees via WebRTC

«We use the WebRTC functionality to stream our monthly business brief’s to remote employees. The system works well, with good sounds quality.»

Kades uses TrueConf video conferencing to enable multipoint video conferences

«We use Trueconf online meetings to organize activities of our NGO around the world. The sound and video quality is perfect during the meeting.»

Sumou Society has implemented TrueConf Server to hold video lectures on a regular basis

«TrueConf Server proved itself to be a perfect solution for our needs. Especially since we have 28 students in different locations and we need to provide them with video lectures on regular basis. TrueConf allows us to record our lectures, broadcast them to students, and switch audio/video devices directly during a conference, which simplifies the task a lot.»

Chen Harel Behavioral Psychologist uses video conferencing to diagnose and treat patients

«We use video conferencing almost on a daily basis. The use of video conferencing allows us to communicate and treat our patients quickly and effectively without having any of my patients taking the trouble of getting to my clinic. Some of the activities that we do with our clients is in groups, and TrueConf Server solution provides great tools for efficient and convenient collaboration.»