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TrueConf support during the coronavirus outbreak

April 22, 2020
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf support during the coronavirus outbreak 1

As all of us are now practicing social distancing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, more and more companies are embracing the virtual workplace. TrueConf is here to help you during this challenging time. For more than 15 years, we’ve been creating tools that let people work from anywhere, shift their in-person meetings online and focus on getting things done. Today it is our responsibility to do everything to support those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, provide them with a secure video collaboration platform and let them move their business processes online without sacrificing quality.

How the World is Changing

Though the virus forces people to keep a distance from each other, it is also bringing people together in most powerful ways. For the first time in history, we are witnessing how a global crisis forces the world to adopt video conferencing technology and make it the primary tool for conducting business. As companies, schools, hospitals, and government organizations around the world ask their employees to stay at home, minimize interactions and business travel, the video conferencing industry is experiencing a major boom.

In this challenging time, all of us are yearning for safety, reliability and quality. As a video conferencing provider with more than 15 years on the market, we feel that TrueConf is in a unique position to help our global community during this time. We are happy to see that our solutions support your employees and at the same time keep your business running.

Video matters. Video helps us stay connected and keeps the ball rolling.

How TrueConf is Helping

Over the past months, we’ve seen TrueConf help millions of people stay connected: from employees working from home and students learning online to government institutions running large-scale virtual meetings and doctors saving lives of the affected population.

This idea is reflected in the number of meetings TrueConf hosts each day. In March, we surpassed a new milestone and provided over 2,5 million user licenses to help our customers communicate, work and study remotely. We are honored and inspired with the confidence our customers are giving us and we’re determined to continue doing our part to help.

TrueConf provides a secure self-hosted video collaboration platform that connects users across any device and works stably when other cloud-based services are down. Here are some of the ways we have been helping the global community during the outbreak:

To learn more about TrueConf video conferencing and get some useful resources that will help your remote team get on rails, check out our article.

How TrueConf protects your privacy

At this challenging time, we are greatly dependent on secure and reliable communications. Cloud-based video conferencing systems largely depend on an Internet connection and third-party security measures, creating vulnerabilities for enterprises adopting the technology. TrueConf offers a self-hosted collaboration platform that operates totally offline in your LAN/VPN network. With TrueConf, you are free to take full advantage of the on-premises video conferencing solution, while all communications, meeting recordings and personal data stay within your company network under your supervision. We have described our security approach in this article.

In this together

Our sales and customer support teams are working relentlessly to help your remote teams stay connected. We are committed to our customers’ success and are ready to suggest you some ideas on how to equip your workforce during this crisis. Contact us with any questions and our managers will help you keep your team productive.

Stay safe. We’ll get through this together.

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