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TrueConf Introduces 3D Video Conferencing

May 12, 2011
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova

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TrueConf Introduces 3D Video Conferencing 1

TrueConf LLC, the European video conferencing software developer, announces the launch of a TrueConf 3D hardware and software complex. The three dimensional video format is ensured by a special camera, which is designed by the TrueConf specialists and allows for live stereo imaging and video transmission. The solution is supposed to be marketed and available to the corporate clients by the end of 2011.

The 3D video complex includes a stereo camera with a module for recording images in 3D format, a client application designed to send and receive stereo data, a monitor with a sweep of 120 Hz, which makes the image reproduce with doubled frequency, and the NVIDIA 3D vision active shutter glasses. Besides, the client application and video camera also support all the existing 3D imaging systems which use glasses.

Creation of a 3D video communication system has become possible thanks to integration of stereo imaging and playback into a single management unit. The combination of the intellectual distortion compensation system and dynamic parallax adjustment makes it possible to change the stereo imaging mode without any additional manual configuration and setup. The TrueConf 3D system unique feature is recognition of the scene which allows for automatic selection of the shooting method on parallel or convergent axes, and their combination.

The TrueConf Company research department has been studying the use of 3D imaging technology on computer since 2007. We are monitoring the 3D equipment market, the prospects of its development – says Ivan Meleshko, head of the TrueConf research department. – While creating our own 3D video communication solution we had to study stereoscopic data compression peculiarities and find the way to automatically capture 3D content in video conferencing. Our next step in the development of TrueConf will be creation of autostereoscopic systems that do not require glasses.

TrueConf experts are sure that although at the moment it costs about $5,000 to equip one workplace with a 3D video communication system, soon the prices for 3D monitors will be falling and 3D video conferencing will become more accessible to corporate use as a means of communication that provides communication close as it is possible to the real one.

Over the last several years NVIDIA 3D technologies have become an inseparable part of the entertainment industry. Today they are being actively implemented into the B2B sphere. – noted Alexey Lagunenko, Head of the NVIDIA Sales department in Eastern Europe. – Latest video conferencing technologies make it possible to communicate with your colleagues and partners from almost any part of the world. The use of stereoscopic technologies makes remote communication more lively and vivid. 3D video conferencing has allowed many companies to raise the efficiency of their communication and reduce operating costs.

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