Webcam is a digital device whose primary function is to record an image in real time and later to transfer it over the Internet. Its main goal is to be displayed in any video application. Web camera records video, compresses and digitizes it.

When choosing a webcam, you should pay attention to its lens. The lens is an important component of the webcam because video quality depends on it. Webcam lenses have different focal length. For example, lenses having a middle-range focal length are the most popular. Such lenses combine equal focal length and view angle, as opposed to the wide-angle and long-focus lenses. The first has a wide viewing angle, but short focal length, and the second has a narrow angle, but short focal length. That is why the average focal length lenses are the most viable option.

Where can you use it

Video conferencing

Conducting business talks with web cameras gives the ability to communicate with people at a distance and provides presence. In such cases, a webcam is more suitable for personal video calls (without leaving your desk).

Also, a webcam is a useful tool for distance learning. By installing a webcam on home PC, users can communicate with teacher almost as they were at the class, regardless of the distance. Open classes and broadcasted seminars – all this is available even if you are in another part of the world. Video lessons using a web camera provide a sense of presence. Virtual communication on the Internet using a web camera can be an excellent alternative to live communication for users who are distant from one another. All relatives and friends who live far away from each other and who are unable to meet in real life can communicate that way.

Video surveillance

In general, web cameras are not designed for video surveillance, because they cannot work far away from your computer. However, IP-cameras, which are practically network web cameras (a type of webcam) are widely used for surveillance and security of remote sites.

In today’s world you can take care of your own children with the help of a web camera. Taking care of a child at a distance using a webcam – web-nanny – allows you to keep an eye on a child in a nursery home or at home with a babysitter. In this case, parents can monitor children without leaving their offices.

Video game consoles

Webcams used in game consoles allow players to interact with the game using their own movements and voice commands. The latter is possible if a web camera has a built-in microphone.