Business Video Conferencing Software

TrueConf video conferencing software for business
  • Reducing travel and mobile communication costs
  • Using "Bring your own device" policy in the company
  • Business partners are available anywhere, any time
  • Effective internal communication and management
  • Conducting remote job interviews

Video Conferencing for Small and Medium Business

  1. Time and cost saving. Company performance is significantly improved by reducing costs associated with business-travelling, as well as immediate cooperation between employees at any time.
  2. Accelerated decision making. Thanks to the promptness and interactivity of video conferencing technology, employees are able to interact remotely. In case of any urgent matter that needs to be resolved promptly, colleagues can communicate with each other through videoconferencing tools at any time, regardless of location.
  3. The ability to remotely monitor and manage objects and processes. Even if you happen to be on the other side of the globe, with video conferencing systems and the availability of Internet you will always be able to remotely control the needed object. For example, timely arrival of your subordinates at work (if you are heading a company), or the release of a new product (if you are an ordinary employee in an organization).
  4. Conducting remote interviews with prospective employees. If you are a manager of a small company or a department, the necessary part of your work is taking direct part in interviews. Therefore, even if your organization has geographically distributed office branches, with the help of video conferencing you are still able to conduct interviews with the potential employees.
  5. TrueConf Video Conferencing Software Capabilities

    HD video call

    HD Video Call — point-to-point video call is a perfect way to chat with a person using cutting edge communication technologies. Our video conferencing software allows TrueConf Online users to make personal video calls to any part of the world, any time and absolutely free!

    multipoint video conferences

    Multipoint Video Conferencessymmetric video conferences for up to 16 participants where all parties can see and hear each other, collaboratively work on the documents, discuss things and take decisions.

    video lecture

    broadcasting — all the participants of the asymmetric conference can see and hear one speaker, who sees and hears all of them. This type of video conferencing will be an ideal solution for broadcasts where the speaker needs to see and control all the participants, and they in their turn will not be distracted by others and will see only him.

    virtual meetings

    Virtual Meetings — allow to gather up to 120 participants in one conference. All of them can see and hear up to 4 speakers at the same time and take active part in the discussions by asking for the floor or by using a chat. It is used for formation of the communicative space and enhancement of interaction efficiency among the company’s staff members.

    FeaturesTrueConf Online
    (cloud-based solution)
    TrueConf Server
    (for closed networks)
    FullHD video calls 1-on-1VV
    Virtual Meetingsup to 120 participantsup to 250 participants
    Symmetric video conferencingup to 9 participantsup to 16 participants
    Creating user groups in the address bookVV
    Business Collaboration ToolsVV
    Working behind Proxy, NAT and FirewallVV
    Best suited forNPOs, small businessSMBs, large-scale companies
    Licensingper online user / monthper online user / year or lifetime

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