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Distance learning is a great way to continue education when you cannot afford a college tuition or have a job. With video communication it became even more widespread. When video conferencing technologies arrived, and especially when software solutions overtook hardware ones, students got a chance to get higher education at the best universities of the world in the comfort of their homes.

Videoconferencing for University and High School Students and Schoolchildren: What are the differences?

It should be noted that video conferencing systems in schools and universities have different purposes. In the first case, video conferencing is mostly used for the parents' convenience: with the help of video conferencing and collaboration solutions they can watch their children and the teachers in the classroom, take part in open classes, as well as watch their academic performance, e.g. with the help of electronic diaries.

Home schooling using video conferencing systems is usually less common because elementary and middle schools are more geographically accessible, in contrast to high schools and colleges: every village has an elementary school, but not every town has a college.

However, many families use video communication to teach extra classes to the children who want to learn an additional language not taught in their school, or to get help with school subjects.

Video conferencing is especially handy for children with disabilities. It allows them to listen to the teacher comfortably while at home.

As for the private lessons, it is also very convenient for the child and the parents. Students can contact their teacher via video call at a convenient time, even at night, regardless of weather conditions. The parents will not have to worry about driving their child back from the lesson.

Higher education faces different problems - often the institutions are simply inaccessible to the majority of people. That is why many universities are now adopting video conferencing systems, and starting public online education initiatives.

Key Benefits of Using Video Conferencing in Higher Education:

  1. Provides citizens of remote regions the access to high quality education.
  2. Allows several educational institutions to use and share the same resources.
  3. Allows to invite and involve experts in a particular field.

TrueConf Video Conferencing Solution for Distance Education

Distance learning using TrueConf solutions becomes accessible and convenient for everyone, because:

  1. TrueConf erases any boundaries! Users can attend virtual seminars and lectures from the best universities in the world from anywhere. They can make a video call or join a multi-point video conference mode from any place where there is an Internet connection.
  2. High quality of sound and picture is guaranteed, even on slow and unstable communication channels. All our products are working on the basis of Opus and VP8 codecs, which are considered the best by the industry experts. Regardless of the number of virtual students, the teacher will be able to easily communicate the necessary information to each and every one.
  3. Our software is simple and user-friendly. There is no need to buy expensive equipment to make video calls or to create group video conferences. Teachers and students need only a desktop computer connected to the Internet, a headset (headphones and a microphone), a webcam and the TrueConf software, which is completely free to download from our website.
  4. Video conferences using TrueConf solutions are interactive and have many features. For better presenting of the materials we suggest using collaboration tools - slide shows, remote desktop management, instant messages, group chat, whiteboard and file transfer. All these features are able to improve and significantly enhance the teacher-students interaction.
  5. All our solutions are completely safe. Personal data of each individual user is protected by login and password and is never disclosed to other parties.
  6. Higher education facilities can get a free version of TrueConf Server. TrueConf provides a wide range of competitive and flexible tariffs.
FeaturesTrueConf Online
(cloud-based solution)
TrueConf Server
(for closed networks)
FullHD video calls 1-on-1VV
Virtual Meetingsup to 120 participantsup to 250 participants
Symmetric video conferencingup to 9 participantsup to 16 participants
Creating user groups in the address bookVV
Collaboration ToolsVV
Working behind Proxy, NAT and FirewallVV
Best suited forSchool, online coursesUniversity
Licensingper online user / monthper online user / year or lifetime

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