How to Call from TrueConf Server to TrueConf Online Cloud

Alina Krukova
December 23, 2015
Alina Krukova

The Federation option allows users of one TrueConf Server unit to make calls to users of other TrueConf Server as well as to TrueConf Online users.

The Federation option is available in any paid TrueConf Server license.

If you have this option turned off in your paid license, call us: 1-347-878-3263, write in online chart or send us an e-mail to:

A new Federation tab will be available after activation of this option in TrueConf Server Control Panel:


Federation Settings

By default, your server can connect to any server in Federation, except the servers from the black list:

Allowed for all but blacklisted servers

If you don’t want to use this option, please choose Off in drop-down list and click Apply. If you add servers to your Black list and choose allowed for all but blacklisted servers you will prohibit users of these servers to call and text you. If you add servers to your White list and choose allowed for whitelisted servers only users of the servers from this list will be able to call and text you.

Calling from TrueConf Server to the user of TrueConf Online

Let’s consider you are using TrueConf for Windows client application connected to your TrueConf Server instance. Enter the cloud user’s TrueConf ID in the address bar and click the Call button. All TrueConf Online users have in their ID. In our example call will be routed to TrueConf Online user ID, provided that we whitelisted in federation settings or didn’t black-listed it.


How to invite TrueConf Online user to the conference organized on the server?

Schedule a conference following our instructions. Add TrueConf Online user using ID into the list of participants and start the conference. The user will receive the following invitation:

invite in conference

How to Add Remote Users into Address Book?

Click the icon for adding new contact into your Address Book:

add user

Enter the contact full TrueConf ID in dialog window (e.g.

Enter the name and click Add:

add a new contact

The user and his presence status will appear in your contact list. Now you can call him or invite into video conference.

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