TrueConf Directory Add-on

Searching for a user in TrueConf Client
  • A universal directory of users and groups for the unlimited number of TrueConf Server.
  • Provides an additional opportunity to search, add, and call subscribers from external servers.
  • Top-down management of user access to the directory.
  • Automatic data synchronization between servers.
  • Completely autonomous work in closed networks.

How It Works

TrueConf Directory is a TrueConf Enterprise add-on allowing local users to access the list of subscribers and groups from external servers with the help of their client applications. TrueConf Directory also enables users to call subscribers, add them to the address book, and view their profiles. The clients of TrueConf for PC are automatically given extended search functionality and the opportunity to use the directory if they are connected to unified servers.

TrueConf Directory scheme

This add-on can be installed on any PC; moreover, it has an intuitive interface. The exchange of user information is carried out in the protected mode; it is performed with the help of OAuth technology according to HTTPS protocol. Users can view the lists of groups and their members from external servers in real time. They can view these lists through the special directory window in their client applications. While working with the directory, users can do a full-text search that helps instantly find needed subscribers.

Please note that the opportunity to call subscribers and conferences does not depend on the presence of this add-on. It is determined by the federation settings between servers. The task of TrueConf Directory is to help users see and find subscribers without knowing their IDs.


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