How to Conduct a Video Lecture Using TrueConf

Alexander Galvita
November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita

asimmetrickEducational institutions are beginning to use video conferencing for lectures via the Internet more and more often.

This learning format creates comfort and saves time and money for both students and educational institutions.

It is very simple to organize a video lesson/lecture over the Internet. Let’s look at all the questions that you may have.

What Mode of Video Conferencing to Choose?

Initially, you need to understand in what format you want to conduct your video lesson. TrueConf solutions support the following modes of group video conferences:

  • Symmetric Group Video Conference – all participants can hear and see each other (up to 16 participants);
  • Asymmetric Group Video Conference – one speaker sees and hears all the participants, and they see and hear only that speaker (up to 16 participants);
  • Role-based Video Conference – several speakers, all the others are observers (250 participants);
  • Video Broadcast – the host sees and hears the audience, and they see and hear the host (up to 10 participants).

The Asymmetric Video Conference was specifically designed for online lectures.

If you are picky and you want:

  • to have a maximum control over the presence of your students;
  • to achieve complete attention of the students on the subject matter;
  • to use collaboration tools;
  • and if you need to get feedback from students.

Then this mode suits you perfectly!

Asymmetric Video Conference Mode Features

Broadcasting (max. 16 participants)

Students – up to 15 people. They see and hear only one broadcaster (speaker). That is, students do not see each other – only the teacher.

Teacher (1 participant) – sees and hears all the students.
The participants will be able to concentrate on the Speaker, without being distracted by all the others.

Teacher is the conference owner, who can assign additional moderators to manage the conference. Moderator has similar rights to the conferene owner: he or she can add or remove participants from the conference, turn participants’ devices on and off, and terminate the conference for all participants.

Additional Features:

  • General Chat
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Slide show and presentations
  • Video Recording

How to Conduct a Video Lecture in TrueConf?

TrueConf solutions allow you to create and participate in a video lecture with any device that runs on one of the platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. And they are all compatible with each other!

That means, that an ordinary smartphone will be enough to hold a video lecture. Students may also use any devices.

Software Side
Video Lecture mode is available in TrueConf Online (Corporate rate), and TrueConf Server basic license.

If you chose TrueConf Online – see Client Applications section, where you can download the client app for your device.

If you decide to use TrueConf Server, you will need to download the client application from the guest page of your server.

If you’re using TrueConf Online, you will need to register a corporate group and invite your students (this is all done through Personal Area at Follow the instructions of the system.

Creating a video lecture on the example of TrueConf Online for Windows
Select the icon of creating a group conference group_conference in the application window.
It opens the window where you can select the conference mode.
Select the checkbox “Asymmetric” and move users from the left list of the Address Book to the right one.

Click “Start” to start the conference:


An invitation to join the current video tutorial will be sent to the selected users. All that is left is to wait for a confirmation from all participants, check the attendance, and start doing good by teaching people important things!

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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