What is a Role-Based Conference (Virtual Meeting)?

Alexander Galvita
December 10, 2018
Alexander Galvita
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Role-based conference or virtual meeting is a video conferencing mode in which only particular participants can be seen and heard by others.

Role-based conference participants are divided into 3 types:  

  • Moderators who organize and control video meeting.
  • Speakers who can seen and heard by all participants.
  • Attendees who are not seen by other conference participants.

The maximum number of speakers in a role-based conference is 6 (out of 120 possible participants with TrueConf Online and 300 with TrueConf Server).

How to Create a Role-Based Conference in TrueConf for Windows?

Step 1: Choose a Conference Type

Click on the icon in the address book  to open Conference Manager window. On Options tab, set the name of your conference and select Role-Based in Conference type section.

Step 2: Select Conference Participants

To add users from the address book to the list of conference participants, go to Participants tab and select the users you need.

Click Create to start a conference.

Step 3: Assign Roles in a Role-Based Conference

In a role-based conference, any attendee can become a speaker. To that end, viewers should send a request to the moderator by clicking on Take Podium button in the conference management window in the Tools tab.

The conference moderator will receive the following request:

You can end your speech by clicking Leave Podium button

that will appear instead of Take Podium button during your speech.

Any conference participant can leave an audio remark without special permissions. To that end, hold down Make an audio remark button in the same menu and keep it pressed until your remark ends.

Once the button is released, a participant’s audio will be streamed to users for another three seconds.

How to Schedule a Role-Based Conference in TrueConf Server Control Panel?

On the conference creation page, click Role-Based in Conference Mode section and choose the number of speakers for the conference.

Follow the general conference setup guidelines from TrueConf Server documentation.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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