How to Use Desktop Sharing During a Conference

Alexander Galvita
November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

Desktop Sharing (or Screen Sharing) is available in TrueConf client applications for Windows and OS X in all modes of video conferences.

Broadcast any content from your desktop to a video conference instead the camera image. The content is transmitted as a video stream, so all users of the TrueConf client applications and even third-party endpoints connected to the TrueConf systems will view the broadcasting.

You can share the whole desktop or a single window of any running application.

It is convenient as you can:

  • discuss various files and documents with your interlocutors in the online mode;
  • record the broadcasted content (applications, windows) with the “Record” tool;
  • broadcast content from Internet resources (e.g. Youtube videos).

Here is short video guide on usuing desktop sharing in TrueConf 7.2 for Windows:

Desktop Sharing in Windows

In the dialog box of the application select Desktop Sharing. This option is available only during a conference pokaz_rabstola.

Start screen sharing. In the dialog box you will receive the following notification:

Start Sharing

Click “Yes” so that other participants could access your desktop. After receiving the permission, they will be able not only to view your desktop, but also to request remote desktop management. To do this, they must click “Get control” button. The button “Release control” finishes remote desktop control:

Get Control

Before giving control to someone, you will receive the following notice:

Requested Control

How to stop the broadcast and desktop sharing?
Click on “Stop” in the small window that appears on your desktop in the lower left corner. To stop the remote screen control, click the appropriate button:

Stop Watching

Broadcasting content in the TrueConf for Windows application

Use the “Screen capture” tool to broaadcast the content during a video conference.

During TrueConf Online conference, click the fourth icon on the toolbar located on the left from the red end call button. In the opened window select Capture Window Screen to expand the list of active windows.

Select display window in the list. When hovering your mouse to any of the list items, current window status will be displayed if the window is not minimized. After having found necessary window, left click on the corresponding item and press Start sharing button at the bottom of this window.

The dialog box “Content Sharing” will dispaly only the applications that are open on your PC at the moment. The minimized applications will not be displayed.

Screen Sharing in Client Application for OS X and Linux

Screen sharing features in TrueConf client application for OS X and Linux are located in the Tool bar. To start a desktop sharing session during a video conference, click the icon on the Toolbar Screen capturer (desktop sharing tool is also avaibale from the menu «Tools»). A menu will open:

Screen sharing

Whole screen capture is a tool for sharing the entire screen of your PC.

Single window capture is the ability to share a particular application window (e.g. Adope Photoshop);

Turn off capture stops the sharing session.

To display the image in a separate window, use “Single window capture”.


Single window OS X


Single window Linux

During a desktop sharing session, a notification sign (a red circle) will be displayed to the right of the “Desktop Sharing” icon on the Toolbar in the «Conference Manager» menu:


How to configure Screen sharing features in OS X?
Go to the menu TrueConf Client > Preferences > Desktop sharing:

Desktop sharing

In this menu you can configure:

  • Screen resolution limit (640×480, 1280×720 or 1920×1080);
  • Scale factor (1.0x, 0.5x or 0.25x);
  • Frames Per Second (FPS) (0.5 to 30).

How to configure the Screen sharing tool in Linux?

Go to “Preferences — Desktop sharing”:

Desktop sharing