How to Record a Video Conference and Content

Alexander Galvita
November 16, 2014
Alexander Galvita
Categories: Tutorials

Video recording is available in all TrueConf Online service plans and all TrueConf Server licenses. In this article we will tell how to record a video conference on the client and on the server side (for the administrator).

You can easily record personal video calls or group video conferences with multiple participants. Your conference recording will feature the video layout you’ve been using during the conference.

When Could it Be Useful?

  • In the interviews. HR manager can record the process of the work interview and then provide company’s executive with the video recording. With the interview being recorded, you can always take a look back at your potential employee, discuss this position with your colleagues and be sure you don’t miss anything even if you were absent during the interview. If the interview is conducted directly by the chief executive, he or she may later show the record to his or her colleagues.
  • In distance learning. Students can record video lectures and use it for educational purposes.
  • During business negotiations. Business partners can record video conferences or webinars dedicated to the release of a new product and then transfer the record to the employees for a more detailed study.
  • In court. Conference recording may even be used as an additional proof of the judicial process objectivity.


Recording a Video Conference in TrueConf Client Application

To start recording your own video or a video conference, click Recording button.
In the opened window in the “Recording source”, select the necessary source. You can record all or any one of the participants, as well as your own video. If you want to record yourself outside the conference, the “Self video recording” field will have only your name:


After selecting the source, click rec_start to start recording.

Each participant who is being recorded will see the following icon in the upper left corner of his image: rec_icon. When you hover over it, you can see a list of users who are being recorded.


open — Open the folder with the recorded file.


save-video — Save the recorded video (as *.mkv).


send — Send the recorded video by e-mail (the user will be redirected to the mail client window).


recording-settings — Set up the folder for saving the recorded video and choose who can record your video.


Clicking on the icon opens the “Preferences” window:


reset — Reset the recorded video.


play — Play the recorded video.


begin-recording — Begin recording.


stop — Stop recording or playback.


pause — Pause video playback.

How to Record the Content During a Conference?

Use the “Screen Capture” tool to record everything what’s going on on your interlocutor’s screen: not only the video conference in TrueConf applications, but also video conferences held in third-party applications along with many other windows.

To enable your interlocutor to record your screen’s content, click “Screen Capture” and select the application you want to share. Read the instructions about how to use the Screen Capture tool in the article on our blog.

After you start broadcasting the content to the conference, your interlocutors will be able to record the content using the “Record” tool.

How to Record a Video Conference on the Server Side?

To record a video conference on the server side, the administrator needs to use the “Recording” tab in TrueConf Web Manager:


Select in the dropdown menu the recording option – disabled, enabled for multipoint conferences or enabled for all types of conferences. If selected “Enabled for multipoint conferences”, you will set up automatic recoding for symmetric and role-based conferences and video lectures. If selected “Enabled for types of conferences”, personal conferences (in the video call mode) will be recorded as well.

The administrator can also specify the path to save the recorded video conferences. To do this, enter the path and click “Apply”.

“Limit recording and broadcasting resolution” feature allows the administrator to select the resolution of saved session records, but 720p resolution requires additional processing power for conference recording and broadcasting.

The conference that is currently being recorded will appear on top of the list of recorded conferences (if this is not your very first recording), while in the “Action” column you will see an icon rec next to it.

You can download the recorded conference after it’s completed. You can do this by clicking on the green arrow download_button_green. To delete the recording, click on the red bucket delete_button_red.