How to Use Slide Show During a Conference in client application for Windows, macOS and Linux

Alexander Galvita
May 17, 2019
Alexander Galvita

During TrueConf video conferences conference participants can not only hear and see each other, but also share content or show slides.

Slideshow is available in TrueConf for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Microsoft PowerPoint should be installed on your PC in order to import presentations in ppt and pptx formats.

TrueConf for Android and iOS users are able to use the content sharing feature.

Why do we need slideshow?

We can share content with  other conference participants by sharing screen, but slideshow tool has certain advantages.

Screen sharing Slideshow
You have to switch between the shared content and conference window You can control the slides directly from the conference window
Header and borders of the shared window is always visible to conference participants. Only necessary information is shown, conference participants will not see any irrelevant content
During the settings conference participants can see irrelevant information or private information, such as other windows, images, file location on your PC, etc
You have to search for the files to be shared on your PC and remember their order. The slides can be prepared in advance, saved and shared during conference.
Video from the camera is shared in a small window at the bottom of the conference window.

The slides are shared in a separate  video window (even during point-to-point video calls), so the conference participants can see both the speaker and the content.

In the classic TrueConf Client application the slides are shown in a separate window.

Supported formats

We support popular presentation formats ppt, pptx, vpl.

You can also create presentation from separate pictures directly in the program menu or even add pictures to the list of the slides imported from the presentation file. The following image formats are supported:  jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tif, emf, wmf, ico, jfif

How to show slides

To enable slideshow please open TCP port selected during server installation (normally port 80) in TrueConf Server control panel.

During the conference go to conference management menu (button in the right bottom corner of the panel) and select Slide show . Select the files and press start button in the bottom.

This procedure is shown in detail on the picture below.

To make your slides visible for SIP/H.323 endpoints, switch BFCP and H.239 protocols on the server. To learn how to do it, read our article.

All other Slideshow control elements are listed below.

  1. Slide export and import menu button
  2. Presentation description
  3. Number of slides and current slide number
  4. Slide that is visible to the conference participants if the presentation has been started.
  5. Slide selected for preview (see also Item 10)
  6. Move presentation control menu to another window
  7. Add files to the list
  8. Remove files from the list
  9. Move files up and down on the list (file order can be changed simply by dragging the lines via mouse).
  10. Selected slide preview (See also Item 5)
  11. Image name and size (displayed when mouse is moved over preview area)
  12. Preview and slide switch control panel

How to save presentation in advance

Add slides to the list as described above and open menu in the upper part of the window (see No 1 in the previous section). Save the list to the file that you will open when necessary.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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