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Stand against COVID-19: Remote work with TrueConf

October 26, 2020
Alina Krukova

Alina Krukova


It’s no surprise that video conferencing has become a global key trend in 2020, as it enables all of us to work from home and meet online despite self-isolation, lockdown and  restrictive measures.

From March through October 2020, TrueConf Server has helped more than 100,000 organizations worldwide to move their business activities online and establish remote-first policies. TrueConf is widely used in a variety of industries: in  government organizations and virtual courts, hospitals, schools and universities, banks and virtual events, and many other new industries that were created as a result of the pandemic.

TrueConf Server: UC hub for your business communications

To set up remote work and enable your employees to work from home, try TrueConf Server Free, a free-to-use enterprise-grade UC and video conferencing system. Deployed on your PC or server hardware, TrueConf provides 4K video conferencing and a number of collaboration tools, gives you full control over your internal communications and protects your data from third-party access.

Key features:

  • Four video conferencing modes
    Depending on your needs and requirements, choose one of TrueConf video conferencing modes (video call, multipoint conference, video lecture, or virtual meeting) and run briefings and team gatherings, all-hands meetings and virtual town halls, lessons, online medical  sessions or virtual courts.
  • 4K UltraHD video resolution
    4K video is sought after in various industries where image quality is of critical importance (e.g. telemedicine).
  • Collaboration tools for remote work
    With TrueConf Server, there will be no difference between your virtual and face-to-face teams thanks to a number of collaboration tools:  address book with presence, flexible meeting scheduler, personal and group chats, file sharing, recording, content sharing & slideshow, and much more!
  • Native apps for all popular platforms
    Add meeting rooms and workplaces to TrueConf meetings. Thanks to BYOD, your employees will be able to join video conferences from their personal devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and even home smart TVs.

TrueConf Server Free is a perfect solution for teams of up to 12 employees. Video calls and conferences are forever free, have no time limits, adds or hidden costs. Just don’t forget to update your registration key once a year.

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Keep up social distancing with TrueConf online meetings!

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