Do I need a powerful server?

Dmitriy Taschi
October 2, 2017
Dmitriy Taschi
Categories: Knowledge Base

No, you don’t! To install TrueConf Server, you will need a PC based on Intel Core i5 2nd Gen CPU running on Microsoft Windows 7 or newer operating system. However, this configuration is suggested for server testing only and is not recommended for permanent use, as technical support is provided only for the copies installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or later.

TrueConf protocol key feature is scalability. With  scalable video coding (SVC) technology you can run video conferences for up to 10,000 users on any modern desktop CPU. The only limitation for the number of simultaneous video conferences is network interface bandwidth on the server. Learn more about bandwidth requirements here. By the way, our video conferences work stable starting at 32 kbps.