TrueConf Conference Types

Stunning point-to-point video calls

Nowadays, FullHD video communication is no surprise for anyone. That is why TrueConf is the first in the world to offer UltraHD video quality in point-to-point video calls. We also work great on low bandwidth, try yourself!

UltraHD video
Group videoconferencing

Support for up to 36 on-screen participants

TrueConf symmetric conferences can show up to 36 on-screen participants on desktops and up to 9 users on mobiles in a mode where everyone can see and hear each other simultaneously.

Up to 250 participants in a single conference

Using our role-based conference mode you can put hundreds of users together in a single conference where each participant can be assigned as one of 6 Speakers by the conference Owner. All other participants can give feedback using audio replies and chat.

Up to 250 participants in a single conference
Special Mode For Distant Education

Special mode for distant education

This mode is created specially for group education purposes. All participants can see and hear only the Lecturer while he can see and hear all other users. Students are focused on the class instead of distracting on each other.

Your own webinar server

Setting up TrueConf webinar is simple. Run conferences up to 250 participants in your browser, upload your slide decks and presentations, exchange messages in chat, share your desktop with webinar attendees, stream or record your conference sessions. With TrueConf, users of any platform are always guaranteed to connect to your webinar without additional plugins.

Streaming to Youtube

250 participants is not enough for you?

Not a problem. Launch the stream of your TrueConf video conference on YouTube or your corporate streaming server. In this case, even a million viewers is not a limit!

Layouts without Limits