How to Share Content Via BFCP and H.239 in TrueConf Server?

Dimitry Zuykov
May 17, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov
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The biggest challenge in running video conferences between different devices is compatibility with different data sharing formats.

In order for every video conference participant to be able to see one another, the server must promptly convert every incoming stream into the formats used by other conference members. This applies not only to video and sound but also to the content shared: desktop, separate application window or slides.

We attach great importance to supporting popular communication protocols such as SIP and H.323.In this regard we also support protocols associated with them – BFCP and H.239. This article will show how to enable support for these protocols on TrueConf Server and how it works.

How to Enable BFCP and H.239 Support on Your Server?

Since not all devices are able to process BFCP/H.239 content, the support for these protocols is disabled on the server by default

Go to Network → SIP Gateway and check the box Enable content sharing over BFCP  in the Global SIP settings section and then click Apply.

How to Share Content Via BFCP and H.239 in TrueConf Server? 1

Similarly H.239 is enabled in Network → H.323 Gateway then Global H.323 settings by checking the Enable content sharing over H.239 box and clicking Apply.


Now the shared content transmitted in BFCP or H.239 will be visible to all members of the video conference and any content shared by other participants will be correctly displayed on SIP and H.323 endpoints.

Slideshow on a SIP Endpoint

We will demonstrate the described feature illustrated by Polycom RealPresence Desktop. This application uses SIP for video transmission and therefore can only receive shared content in BFCP.

To start sharing content via TrueConf client app for Windows you need to go to Conference Manager  tab at the bottom of the panel on the right side of the window and then select Start Slideshow. Upload the files and click the start button.

Prior to sending the content Polycom RealPresence Desktop server converts the streamed data into BFCP so that Polycom RealPresence Desktop will be able to display it successfully.

How to Share Content Via BFCP and H.239 in TrueConf Server? 2

BFCP Streaming Reception Demo

To initiate content sharing in Polycom RealPresence Desktop you need to go to the menu by clicking a button on the bottom right side of the window. Select the streaming section and click on the window you wish to share.

Once the streaming is underway video conference participants using TrueConf for Windows will see a small icon in the top right corner of the video box, which will open the content sharing window if you click it.

How to Share Content Via BFCP and H.239 in TrueConf Server? 3

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