The Ultimate Guide to Conference Modes

Dimitry Zuykov
March 22, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

TrueConf Server supports three conference modes.

Symmetric conference is a group video conference where all participants can hear and see each other.

The Ultimate Guide to Conference Modes 1

Asymmetric video conference or a video lecture is a group conference where all conference attendees can see and hear only the speaker, while the speaker can see and hear all conference attendees.

Video lecture is an example of asymmetric conference.

The Ultimate Guide to Conference Modes 2

Role-based conference or virtual meeting is a conference where the conference moderator can appoint up to 36 speakers who will be visible to all conference attendees. Any conference attendee can make audio remarks by pressing a corresponding button.

The Ultimate Guide to Conference Modes 3

Maximum number of conference participants in a role-based conference is 120 in TrueConf Online and 800 in TrueConf Server.

To learn how conference moderator can manage a virtual meeting, please read our article.

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