How to Register TrueConf Server on the External H.323 Gatekeeper

Dimitry Zuykov

TrueConf Server can be registered on H.323 endpoints thanks to built-in gateway and maintain constant connection with them. This feature will be useful if you are using MCU or gatekeeper in your network. Please follow our guidelines to register TrueConf Server on external gatekeeper.

  1. Open TrueConf Server control panel and proceed to Gateways→H.323 section.
  2. Press Add Configuration in Rules for H.323 connections section.
  3. Fill in the form to add the rule:
  •  Enter IP address or domain address of the H.323 endpoint in the Host field.
  • Enter port used by your device in the Port field.
  • Enter ID used to register TrueConf Server on H.323 endpoint in the H323-ID or DialedDigit field (use E.164 format that allows digits and the following characters: , # *).
  • Enter the password that corresponds to the identifier in H323-ID field (in the Password field). If this field is not filled, the registration without password will be used.
  1. Enable Registration to maintain constant connection with H.323 endpoint.
  2. Check the following boxes if necessary:
  1. Press Create
  2. Enter user’s TrueConf ID or CID which will receive calls from H.323 endpoint to the server by its ID (see item 3) in Global H.323 settings (Default call destination)
You can also enter virtual room CID to which your H.323 endpoint will be connected while calling the server in Default call destination field.

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