How to Update TrueConf Server

Step 1. Check your license

Make sure that you can update TrueConf Server for free based on your current license type and expiration date. Otherwise, your TrueConf Server won’t work after the update. For example, all annual licenses can be updated for free, while lifetime licenses can be updated depending on the purchase date and your technical support package. We strongly recommend you to check our update policy.

If it is impossible to update with your current license, contact us or your local partner who provided you with TrueConf Server to learn more about update pricing.

Step 2. Download TrueConf Server latest version

Download TrueConf Server 414.9 MB

Step 3. Follow update manual

Follow our update manual to guarantee that all server settings have been safely saved and previous version is backed up. If something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support department.

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