How to join TrueConf video conferences

Dimitry Zuykov
July 8, 2020
Dimitry Zuykov

There are many ways to add users to the conferences: they can be invited by conference moderator or join the conference by themselves, enter via client application or receive guest access via browser using WebRTC technology; they can be forced to enter the conference via TrueConf Server API and much more. This article covers all available ways to join group conferences on TrueConf Server.

How to add participants to the conference created on TrueConf Server

When the TrueConf Server administrator schedules a conference on the server they can pick the users who will be added to the conference automatically upon the conference launch. This option becomes available when you set one-time conference start time or set recurring conference schedule.

There are three ways to invite participants while creating a conference:

  • From the list of TrueConf Server users;
  • Via the call string (e.g. you can invite SIP or H.323 devices);
  • Invite a guest who is not registered on the server by sending an email invitation with detailed instructions on how to join the conference. 

To enable automatic invitations at the conference launch, you need to:

  1. Specify the start date of a conference or its schedule.
  2. Check the following box Send email invitations to conference participants (this checkbox can be found in the Additional section).

You can edit email invitation details in SMTP → Scheduled Conference Invitation.

Please note that corporate or external SMTP server integration should be set up to enable email invitation sending.

Send invitations TrueConf Server

How the moderator can add participants from the client application

When creating the conference

You can find Participants section in the Conference Manager tab in TrueConf for Windows, Linux and macOS side panel. Here you can choose participants and devices that should be invited to the conference before you start the conference.

How to join TrueConf video conferences 1


During the conference

During the conference you can find people in the address book and invite them by double clicking their names. Alternatively, you can right click their name in the address book and invite them to the conference from the context menu. If the user accepts your invitation they will be added to the conference.

How to join TrueConf video conferences 2

How users can join conferences

Call the conference owner

The user who has created the conference is marked with a yellow star How to join TrueConf video conferences 3 in the address book. If a user wants to join the conference, they can simply call the conference owner, who will receive their request to join the conference. If the owner accepts this request, the user will join the conference. Additionally, the conference owner can check Don’t request confirmation for joining the conference while creating the conference.

How to join TrueConf video conferences 4

Please note that conference moderators are not marked with the yellow star in the address book, so you cannot call them to join the conference. You should call the conference owner specifically.

Calling the conference via ID

Directions for the administrator

First you should find out the CID (conference identifier) of the video meeting you would like to join. CIDs of group conferences scheduled on the server or via conference scheduler.

Conference ID is displayed as  \c\CID where CID is a sequence of digits or letters. Send this ID to the users you would like to invite to your conference.

If the conference was created by the user from the client application (not in the Conference Scheduler but in the Conference Manager section) you will not be able to find out its ID. You can join such conference only by calling its owner.


Directions for TrueConf users

If you know the ID you can join the conference by simply typing \c\CID in the search string (or in the call string if you are using classic client application).

How to join TrueConf video conferences 5

Directions for SIP/H.323 devices

If you call the conference from SIP/H.323 devices you may need to replace prefix \c\ to 00 or put double slashes: \\c\\. Indicate edited CID as a user name when calling TrueConf Server. Complete description of formats is given in our article on how to connect to SIP/H.323 endpoints from TrueConf applications.

Directions for PBX subscribers

If you are using SIP devices with digital keyboard (e.g. IP phones connected to the PBX) you can read our article about SIP trunk setting and calling conferences through the trunk.

How to join the conference via web page

Conference page is available only for the conferences scheduled through the server or conference scheduler. You may not access the conference created from the client application via browser.

Directions for the administrator

Send the conference webpage link to the potential conference participants. 

Both registered users and guests (unregistered users who only provide their name upon entering the conference) can join certain conferences by entering the conference webpage. To enable guest access to the conference you should activate corresponding extension on the server and select the Public conference type when planning the conference. Learn how to create such conferences in our article about webinars.


Directions for users

Follow the link provided in the email invitation or calendar event and press the Join button on the conference page.

You may experience issues while joining TrueConf web conferences hosted on TrueConf Server 4.7.0 or earlier using Chromium-based browsers (e.g. Google Chrome 89+). For more details on this issue, please read our guide. We recommend you update your TrueConf Server instance to v.4.7.1 to ensure compatibility with the latest browser versions.

If you can see only one input field, type your name to enter as a guest or click Enter as a Registered User to join with a password.

If the page requires your username and password upon pressing the Join button then unregistered users cannot join this conference.

Having authorized choose how to join the conference: via browser or by downloading one-time application.

How to add participants to the conference in a programmed way

Using TrueConf Server API

Third-party developers can use TrueConf Server API Invite Participant function to add participants to the conference. Below you can find an example of this function call via curl in order to add user ivan to conference \c\4159093693:

Via “trueconf:” protocol

“trueconf:” Protocol support is embedded into TrueConf client application for all operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Commands based on this protocol can be comfortably used in hyperlinks for setting automatic application opening, joining the conference and other actions just by clicking the hyperlink.


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