How to Conduct a Video Lecture Using TrueConf

Dimitry Zuykov
December 12, 2019
Dimitry Zuykov

TrueConf Server can be used as a corporate and educational platform for conducting lectures, seminars, and trainings. For this purpose, our video conferencing system provides special video lecture mode, or asymmetric conference.

You can hold video lectures in every TrueConf client application.This mode is available not only for TrueConf desktop apps (Windows, macOS and Linux), but also for mobile platforms (Android and iOS), which may be extremely useful for road warriors.

To learn how to download TrueConf client applications, check our documentation.

Here we will explain how to hold a video lecture in TrueConf client application.

TrueConf Video Lecture Features

If you need to monitor the conference participants and to make them focus on learning resources, video lecture mode suits you best.

The maximum number of participants is 36.

  • attendees – up to 35 participants who can see and hear only the speaker (teacher). Thanks to this mode, attendees can focus on the lecture without being distracted by other participants.
  • speaker – 1 participant who can see and hear others.
If a speaker creates a video lecture in TrueConf client application, he or she becomes the conference owner. Speaker can add or remove participants, mute/unmute their microphones or end the conference.

Video Lecture in TrueConf Client Application

To learn how to create an asymmetric conference, check the TrueConf for Windows user guide. When creating the conference, go to Options section and set the following parameters:

  • The topic of the conference – in Enter Conference Name field
  • Video Lecture – in Conference type section.


Students will better perceive the information if you use the following client application tools:

Here are some other available options:

  • enlarge the participant’s video image or drag it on a separate screen. In this case, other participants will also be visible.
  • record the video lecture and share it in a social network or upload it on YouTube. It will be accessible after the conference ends.

How to Conduct a Video Lecture Using TrueConf 1

How Can Participants Connect to a Video Lecture?

Attendees can connect to a video lecture in several ways: via client application or on right in their browser by following conference webpage link etc. To learn more about joining a lecture, please, check our blog article about it.

Is It Possible to Schedule a Video Lecture on a Specific Date?

Yes. To learn how to schedule a conference on TrueConf Server, read the tutorial on.

Is It Possible to Stream a Video Lecture?

Yes, TrueConf Server administrator can set the RTSP streaming. To learn more about TrueConf RTSP streaming, check our blog post.

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