File Transfer at Video Conferencing

File transfer allows you to send files during a video conferencing directly to your party without using third-party solutions.

File transfer is available during point-to-point video calls only.

File transfer is used when it is necessary to send files of various types: photos, audio and video files, documents etc.

File Transfer is available in
vTrueConf Server
Over LAN / VPN / Internet
vTrueConf Online
In the cloud

* File transfer option is available only in Video Call (1 on 1) mode on Windows OS.

File transfer is quite useful as you don’t have to deal with FTP, upload sites, flash drivers, CDs, emails, file size limits, archiving and upload/download speed limits. We have already thought about all these things and have a ready solution for you.

You don’t have to leave TrueConf applications or force your party to move around, which is not always possible and convenient. File transfer function is in high demand during the conferences and is available to all users without restriction.

File Transfer in TrueConf Online

In order to start the file exchange in a video conferencing you need to press the File Transfer button. A File Transfer dialog will appear. Add files which need to be transferred:

File Transfer at video conferencing

Click the File Transfer button and the process will start immediately.

The transfer process is displayed in the Status and Progress column.

File transfer in TrueConf Client

In TrueConf Client 6.5.8+ you cannot send files by following the instructions for TrueConf Online given in the previous section. Instead, you could transfer any files from the Chat window. You do not need to be in the conference to send files.

Click on the Send file(s) icon in the Chat window and select a file you would like to send:

Even if the user is offline, he or she will receive the file when entering the application.