Quality of Video in TrueConf Video Conferences

Alina Krukova
December 14, 2015
Alina Krukova
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Formats of Video in TrueConf

We support the following formats:

  • SD (standard definition) – 320х176;
  • HQ (high quality) – 640×360;
  • ED (enhanced definition) – 864×480;
  • HD (high definition) – 1280×720;
  • Full HD (widescreen video) – 1920х1080;
  • UltraHD 4K (ultra high definition) – total definition in group conferences for 9 participants is 3840х2160, for 16 — 5120×2880, and for 25 — 6400х3600.

What determines the quality of video?

Resolution of video during an online event can change automatically from worse to better, and vice versa. For example, from ED to HD. The following factors can affect it:

By the way, we have an article dedicated especially to UltraHD definition in our blog.

Where is the format video shown during a conference?

In the footer of the application’s dialog window:


Is it possible to enhance the quality of video?

Yes, it is possible if equipment and channel bandwidth allow doing it. It is possible to change the limits in network settings. For this purpose, go to the Network menu of the client application. Set the maximum inbound and outbound speed in the following window with a help of runners:

network settings

Then press «Ок».

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