What is the Difference Between 4K and UltraHD

Alina Krukova
August 15, 2014
Alina Krukova
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Ultra high definition suddenly entered our lives. So, is there any difference between “4K” and “UltraHD”? Just recently we were astonished with the FullHD resolution, we enjoyed the beautiful picture and doubted that there will be something better.4K Resolution

Yet, in 2012, the new UltraHD definition was showcased. The development belongs to the Japanese broadcasting corporation NHK.

UltraHD is very often called 4K. Many people think that these names mean different things, but, in fact, they are the names of the same technology. The name 4K comes from the number of pixels in the horizontal resolution, which is about 4000.

Brief Summary

UltraHD is an ultra high definition format with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Comparing with FullHD, where the resolution is 1920×1080, we can see that UltraHD resolution has 4 times more pixels, delivering more bright, realistic and detailed picture.

FullHD vs UltraHD

Such number of pixels provides very high definition of the image. UltraHD also provides for the increased number of the displayable colors and more details in the lightest and darkest colors. Combined, this gives us the image as close to reality as possible.

Displaying 4K video requires special equipment — a screen that supports UltraHD resolution.

UltraHD Video Conferencing in TrueConf

Video Conferencing Modes UltraHD Possibility
Multipoint Video Conferencing, Video Lecture — 9 participants Up to 3840×2160 total
Multipoint Video Conferencing, Video Lecture — 16 participants Up to 5120×2880 total
Multipoint Video Conferencing, Video Lecture — 25 participants Up to 6400×3600 total

Using SVC (Scalable Video Coding) technology allows TrueConf video conferences to support UltraHD mode.

This happens as follows:
During a multipoint conference for 9 participants, the resolution of all their video windows adds up to 3840×2160 pixels, which means that, on average, each of the 9 video windows has about 960 pixels.

When TrueConf is used in fullscreen mode on an UltraHD screen, the total of the video resolutions is increased to 3840×2160.

This occurs because the server adjusts the video stream to the 4K screen. Even if your partner has joined the conference from a mobile device, you’ll still be getting the quality supported by your hardware (the quality is limited by the possibilities of the participants’s camera). And vice versa – in a conference with a 4K screen, the participant with a mobile device will receive the stream, adapted to his tablet or smartphone.