How to Organize an Event on Demand

Alexander Galvita
June 18, 2014
Alexander Galvita

Features of the “Events” plan:

  • Organize a video conference in Virtual Meeting mode.
  • Up to 120 participants.
  • A trial 15-minute conference for 6 participants is available.

Now, let us try and organize the event.

To register a new user or log in, you need to choose Sign Up/Personal Area in the header table of TrueConf website.

A window will open where you will need to type in your TrueConf ID and password (if you are already registered on TrueConf), register or enter via a social network:

Try or Order an Event

After you authorize, your Personal Area will be available. Choose Try Virtual Meeting in the menu on the left (trial version — a 15-minute conference with 6 participants) or Order Virtual Meeting (a 24-hour conference with up to 120 participants):

How to Organize a Trial Event?

After you choose the Try Virtual Meeting tab, you will be redirected to the event scheduling page. Set the date and time of the event beginning/ending, and its name in the corresponding fields, and push Next:

As the next step, you can invite users to join the event. Select contacts on the list and click Add participants. All invited users will appear on the table below.

If you want to delete one of them from the conference, put a check mark on the left of the username and click Delete.

If you want the selected users to receive a notification about the conference on their e-mail, use the Send an Invitation button. Otherwise, use the Skip shortcut:

A page with non-editable notification message template will open. Click Send:

Then a page of the event will open. It will be visible to all conference participants.

To edit the description of the forthcoming event or change the participant list, use the corresponding menu items on the event page.

On the time you have set, a Join the Conference button will appear on this page for entering the conference:


For more details on how to join the event via TrueConf Online application on various devices, read our instruction below the information concerning the conference.

How to Order a 120-participant Event?

A paid event can be ordered through the menu on the left or through the Events Calendar by clicking Order Virtual Meeting.

After that, the order page with the calculator will open. Select the number of participants you need (10 to 120) and click Apply:

The Apply button leads to the billing confirm page. You will have to pay the bill before you receive video conferencing services.

If all the information stated on the page is correct, click Choose Payment System:

Currently, we are using BlueSnap payment service:

After you have submitted the payment, you will see a “+1” sign next to the “Events” service plan in your Personal Area:

When you follow this shortcut, you will be directed to the Events Calendar page. Click the Schedule button:

You will be directed to the paid event planning page where you will need to add the date and time of the event beginning/ending, and its description. You can also upload a picture, a presentation or any other acceptable file that will be shown on the event page:

After you have filled in all the necessary fields, click Next to move on to the participant list. Add participants to the invited users list the same way as in the trial event and send them invitations:

After a clicking on the Send invitation button, you will open a page with editable notification message template:

When the video conference is launched, the page where the user is to join the event will look like this:

To join the conference, the user has to click the Join the conference button.

What is the Events Calendar?

By following the shortcut To the list of events you will open the Events Calendar. On this page you, as the host of the event, will be able to see the scheduled conferences, and their status, as well as to order new events:

How to view events statistics ?

Click on Stats button at the top of the event page.

You will be directed to a page containing a full list of video conference sessions relative to the selected event.

As the organizer of the event you can see on this page the total number of conference sessions and their duration.

Any single video conference started and concluded during an event is called a session (please note that even if all participants leave a given session it can be restarted before the end of the event).

Clicking upon a session’s ID will take you to a page that contains information about the session’s participants and its duration. Endpoints section on this page will have the following information:

  • list of participants;
  • participant’s time of joining the conference and how long they stayed connected. If a conference member left and rejoined a session several times, each entry will be listed in a separate line.

Good luck and happy conferencing to you!

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