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Video Call Ultra HD
Video call Ultra HDA session between two users, in which the video quality can go up to Ultra HD 4K (2160 p.). Learn more
Video Call FullHD
Video Call FullHDA session between two clients, in which the video quality can go up to FullHD 1080p.Learn more
Multipoint Conferencing
Multipoint ConferencingSymmetric video conferencing, where all participants are able to see and hear each other simultaneously. Learn more
up to 36 participants up to 6up to 20up to 20x
Video Lecture
Video LectureAsymmetric video conference (video lecture), where all participants (students) can see and hear only the host (lecturer), who is, in turn, able to see and hear all the participants simultaneously. Learn more
up to 36 participantsx up to 36 up to 36x
Virtual Meeting
Virtual MeetingA role-based conference, where presenters can be seen and heard by anyone, while attendees can interact via chat, reactions and audio remarks. Learn more
up to 1,000 participants up to 25 up to 120 up to 120 up to
Collaboration Tools
Slideshow and content sharing, remote desktop control and meeting recording, instant messaging and file sharing, polls and reactions. Learn more
Secure Communicationsvvvvv
Group Size
In TrueConf Server the number of online users is defined by the license.
Price per   MonthFrom $240 / yearFree$ per host$$ / 24h
Integration with SIP / H.323v

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