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How to manage TrueConf Online user account

April 15, 2019
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

Each TrueConf Online user has access to the personal area on our website. Users can enter the personal area by clicking Registration / Personal  Area or from our client applications.

Use your TrueConf ID and password or social network account in order to authorize in your personal area.

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 1

Personal area allows users to:

  • edit address book;
  • schedule video conferences (up to 120 participants in the online event).
  • browse call history and group conference statistics;
  • make payments and change plans (including corporate groups);
  • submit tickets to technical support and track their status.

How to set account in your personal area

You can set up your account (display name, password, email) in My Profile section of your personal area.

Display name

Choose Edit Profile option in this section. Enter your display name that will be visible to other users in their personal areas on our website, in TrueConf client applications and in email notifications about missed calls). After that press Save Changes.How to manage TrueConf Online user account 2

Other TrueConf Online users will find you by your TrueConf ID or display name on the website or in client applications if: 1) you have a verified account on the service; 2) you have not checked the box I do not want to appear in the registered user TrueConf Directory (Privacy Settings block) in your personal area.

Here you can also change your profile data.


You can set your new password in the corresponding section:

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 3


Select Change Email. Enter the new address and press Update. After that you will receive verification email to your new email address.

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 4

Here you can also create a list of additional email addresses (up to 10). In order to add an address enter it to the corresponding field and press Add (the address will be added after you complete verification). After that you can use it as your basic TrueConf Online email address.

How to choose your plan

Open your personal area and proceed to My Profile→Manage Your Plan and press Upgrade Your Plan

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 5

Choose a plan, enter its validity period and press Make a Payment.

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 6

If you were invited to join a corporate group on and gave you a special code press Do you have corporate group code? link in the corporate plan block. You can find detailed manual on how to use this code in our corporate group article. If you already are a member of the group, please leave the group to change your plan.

The invoice has been created. Check it before you proceed to the payment. If required you can cancel it.

How to manage TrueConf Online user account 7

After the payment the plan will become active.

Deleting your account

You can delete your account in the Edit profile → Privacy Settings option.


Click Delete your account and in the confirmation window, click Delete.

Your account and all data will be deleted.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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