Guest page

Guest page is a welcome page of your TrueConf Server instance available for all end users from their browsers. On this page users can download client applications for all popular operating systems or proceed to their personal area, while administrators can enter the TrueConf Server control panel. The guest page is available at http[s]://<server>[:<port>].  For example: or

Guest page 1

Guest page benefits for end users

On the guest page users can:

If you want to change the language of the guest page, click the flag icon in the upper left corner of the page (next to the logo).

To learn contact details of your server administrator (name, phone number and email), please click the Contact your administrator button.

Guest page 2

In case of any connection problems, TrueConf technical support team may be required to ask for your external address and your TrueConf Server version, which are listed at the bottom of the guest page.

Guest page benefits for administrators


Depending on the IP address from which you enter the guest page, there may be the Administrator login button available. By clicking this button, administrators can access the TrueConf Server control panel. You can set up access to the control panel in the WebSecurity section.

To make the guest page available not only within your corporate network, but also on the internet, please use our guide.

If you get a warning in your browser when you open the guest page that the connection is not secured, you need to configure SSL certificate in the WebHTTPS section. Our knowledge base article will help you do this:

Branding and customization

Some elements of the guest page can be edited in the WebSettings section of the TrueConf Server control panel:

  • external address of the guest page
  • the name of your organization
  • server administrator contacts
  • company logo.

Your guest page link can be not only an IP address, but also a domain name. This allows you to configure the server to work with your corporate domain. For example: This makes it easier to access the guest page for end users and at the same time raises the profile of your organization when holding video meetings with business partners.