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How to change or set the meeting video layout

July 30, 2020
Dimitrii Zuikov

Dimitrii Zuikov

During TrueConf video meetings, you can set video layouts:

  • common layout for all participants
  • individual layout for a specific participant
  • individual layout for WebRTC users (for browser-based meetings) and H323/SIP devices.

In addition, client app users can customize their video layout to suit their preferences.

You can set a video layout when scheduling a meeting:

When scheduling a meeting on TrueConf Server

To set a video layout when scheduling a meeting, proceed to the Layout tab.

Enable the Add content window checkbox if you want to have a separate content window during the meeting. In this case, the server-side meeting recording will include both your video layout and a separate content window where participants can display their content.

The content shared in a separate window will not be recorded if this feature has not been enabled in the TrueConf Server control panel. If a conference is being recorded from a client application, a separate content window will not be added to the recording.

During the meeting

In TrueConf client application

During the meeting, go to Conference managerTools tab and click on the Proceed in the Video window layout section.

A real-time meeting manager will open in a separate window. This video guide shows how to set a video layout during the ongoing conference:

To learn more information as to how to change the video layout, please read the TrueConf user guide.

During the meeting, only the meeting owner or operators can change video layout for all participants or set individual layouts for separate participants, H.323/SIP devices and WebRTC users.

By default, conference attendees are unable to modify the video layout fixed by the conference owner. Thanks to this feature, the conference owner has centralized control over the video layout during large-scale online meetings or corporate conferences. If you want to enable conference participants to change their layout in their client apps, select “Enable users to change layout” in the advanced tab of the real-time meeting manager.

You can cancel actions and start over by selecting Clear layout if necessary.  The current video layout can be deleted by pressing the How to change or set the meeting video layout 1 button.

When you have made necessary changes in the video layout, click Apply.

Conference participants will receive notifications about the new video layout and can turn it on or off if desired.

For browser-based meetings

For example, if you are the meeting owner  and you are managing the meeting from the WebRTC application, you need to open the TrueConf Server personal area to change or set the video layout (if it was not assigned during the scheduling process). After that, go to the meeting list and select the required meeting and click Conference manager.

How to change or set the meeting video layout 2

The real-time meeting manager will open in a separate browser tab. Follow the TrueConf Server user guide instructions to change the video layout.

During the webinar, all moderators participating in a meeting from their browser can also change the video layout by simply double-clicking or dragging the video windows.

Still have questions? Please contact our support team directly via online chat.

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