Conference Moderators

Dimitry Zuykov
December 27, 2018
Dimitry Zuykov

Each conference on TrueConf Server has one or several moderators who control the conference process, invite users and manage user rights.

Each conference also has one owner, who is the main conference moderator.

This article describes moderator rights and their responsibilities during the conferences.

Who Can Appoint Conference Moderators?

If the conference is scheduled on the server in advance, the conference owner automatically becomes its moderator. The conference owner is in its turn appointed by the server administrator in conference settings.

If the conference is created from client application, the user who created the conference automatically becomes its owner and moderator at the same time.

Moderator Rights

Inviting users to the conference

The moderator can invite participants to the conference. This can be done in two ways.

First, you can select necessary users from the address book when creating a conference in the client application.

Second, if the moderator participating in the conference calls any user, this user will be invited to the current conference (the user will join the conference immediately after answering the call).

Conference Moderators 1

Removing conference participants

The moderator can remove a participant during the event, including another moderator (but not the conference owner). To do it, select the user’s profile in the list of conference participants in the application right panel (don’t confuse it with the address book). Click the minus button next to the user’s name to remove the user from the conference.

Conference Moderators 2

A user who has been removed in this way will not be able to join the conference by himself, even if he or she is the conference moderator.

Assigning speakers and inviting to the podium

The moderator can invite conference participants to the podium during a role-based conference. To do it,  select necessary the user in the participants list and press the corresponding button.

Conference Moderators 3

Users can be removed from the podium in the same way.

Terminating the conference

Upon leaving the conference (by pressing the red handset button) the moderator will be suggested to end the conference for all participants or to simply leave the conference. If you select Leave conference option and would like to get back to the conference, please read the section below.  

Conference Moderators 4

Can one user moderate (and own) several conferences simultaneously?

One user can’t participate in or moderate several conferences simultaneously. However, a user can be appointed as a moderator for several conferences, and the moderator’s status will be preserved even if he or she temporarily leaves the conference.

If the user who was a conference owner leaves the conference but does not terminate it (or was simply appointed as a moderator for another conference) and tries to create a new conference from the client application,he or she will not be able to do it. Such a user will automatically join the conference he or she owns.

Can the moderator (or owner) return to the conference he has left?

Yes, even if the owner left the conference (but did not terminate it for other participants) he still remains its moderator.

As was mentioned above, you can start a new conference to join the conference you’ve owned and left (if at least one participant stays there).

How Сan the Owner of Several Scheduled Conferences Join One of Them?

Conference owner who has left the conference can still rejoin it as any other participant. Just type \c\CID in the call field where CID is the conference identifier (you can find detailed information about identifiers in the article on how to schedule conferences), select Conference [CID] string and press call button.

Conference Moderators 5

You can call via identifier only the conferences scheduled on the server. To learn how to return to the conference created from the client application, see the information above.

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