How to change video layout displayed on H.323 / SIP devices during a video conference?

Elizaveta Nesova
March 13, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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TrueConf users can set a default video layout for WebRTC users and H.323 / SIP devices. The default video layout is also preserved in video conference recording.

However, the users need to know about two important peculiarities:

This article will explain how to change default video layout during TrueConf video conferences. We will also show how the default video layout looks like on next generation Cisco endpoint.

Step 1. Make a WebRTC participant the conference moderator

If the conference owner participates in the conference using WebRTC, they can manage the conference directly and step 1 can be skipped.

If you are the conference owner and participate using client application, you can assign a conference moderator. To do so, click the icon on the right side of the panel and proceed to the list of conference participants. Select a required participant and right-click on their name. In the context menu that appears, select the Appoint as Moderator option. After that, the user will immediately become the conference moderator.

Step 2. Change the order of video windows

This and the following steps can only be performed by the conference moderator or owner participating in the conference via WebRTC.

To change the video windows order, drag and drop a video to the window you would like to change places with.

Step 3. Assign the main speaker displayed in a larger video window

To make one of the video windows bigger, double-click it. The rest of the participants will be lined up as smaller windows around it.

To change larger window, double click the video window you would like to make bigger or drag and drop it to the center.

To return the layout to the initial position, double click the bigger video window.

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