How to add meeting rooms to your TrueConf address book

Vladislav Panzhar
December 4, 2019
Vladislav Panzhar
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In TrueConf applications users can invite conference room endpoints to the meetings directly from the address book. This article describes how TrueConf Server administrator can set up the integration with your conference room.

Step 1. Add SIP/H.323 endpoints to your address book

  1. Create user accounts for SIP/H.323 endpoints in TrueConf Server control panel.
  2. Enter the account name based on the meeting room name or location.


  1. Register SIP/H.323 endpoint on TrueConf Server using the accounts you’ve just created. Learn more on how to do it in our blog post. After the registration, the endpoints will be automatically added to all address books of TrueConf Server users and are available for video calls and conferences.
If the administrator has not added the endpoints in TrueConf Server control panel, users can add them to the address books manually (by entering their IP addresses).
  1. Create Meeting Rooms user group.
  2. Add the users created for SIP/H.323 endpoints during Step 1 to the address book.
  3. Set up other TrueConf Server address books. Follow our guide (Step 2) and enable Meeting Rooms group visibility.


You are ready to start!

Step 2. User address book visibility

Once the setting is complete, you can find SIP/H.323 endpoints in the address book of  TrueConf client applications.


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