Address book

Address book is the list of contacts (both user accounts and any call string) that all TrueConf Server users can quickly look up and search for in client apps. User profiles include all contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

Address book 1

Address book can be created by server administrator in TrueConf Server control panel. User groups can also be created and filled with user accounts here.

In TrueConf client apps users can:

  •  add new contacts;
  •  edit and delete contacts (except those added by the server administrator);
  •  block contacts;
  • see current user statuses (the icon next to the name):

Address book 2the user is online and ready to answer calls;

Address book 3the user is offline;

Address book 4 the user is busy and cannot answer calls;

Address book 5user status is unknown.