How to Integrate TrueConf Server and Cisco Unified Communication Manager via SIP

Elizaveta Nesova
June 27, 2019
Elizaveta Nesova
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TrueConf Server can be integrated with hardware video conferencing endpoints, PBXs (e.g. Asterisk) and VoIP devices through the server multiple gateway via SIP and H.323 protocols. PBX integration allows subscribers to call server users and join conferences. In this guide, we will show you how to connect Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM), IP-based communications system, to TrueConf Server.

Step 1: Set up CUCM

  1. Open the PBX control panel.
  2. Go to Device → Trunk.
  3. Click Add New to add a new SIP trunk.
  4. Configure the trunk by indicating the following:
 type (a), protocol used (b)

 name (c), description (d), TrueConf Server customization template used to route calls (e).

IP address of your TrueConf Server (e), trunk security profile (f), SIP profile used (g)

Don’t forget to indicate the port used by TrueConf Server for SIP connections if it is different from 5060.

Save changes to the PBX.

Step 2: Set up TrueConf Server

  1. Go to TrueConf Server control panel.
  2. Go to Network → SIP Gateway.
  3. In Rules for SIP Connections , click Add Configuration.
  4. Select Manual Configuration and click Create. The form will open
  5. In the fields, indicate the following:
    • Name is the name of the CUCM link rule.
    • Host and Port is the IP address of the CUCM and the port on which the PBX is running.
  6. Disable registration with the PBX in the same field.  
  7. Check the Default SIP Proxy box.

For more information, please read our article on how to assign default destination servers.

Once these settings are done, TrueConf users can call PBX subscribers without entering its IP address. 

Step 3: Call a CUCM Subscriber from TrueConf Client Application

Enter #sip:<user> (call string) in the search field of the application address book, where <user> is the name of the CUCM callee.

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