How to set up telephony: TrueConf Server and Asterisk integration

Dmitriy Taschi
August 23, 2019
Dmitriy Taschi

You can integrate your corporate SIP PBX into TrueConf Server via the built-in multiple gateway. This guide will show you how to connect TrueConf Server with Asterisk, a PBX with FreeBPX 12 GUI.

Step 1: Create a SIP Trunk on the Asterisk Side

  1.   In the PBX control panel, go to Connectivity → Trunks.
  2. Choose Add a SIP (chan_sip) trunk in the opened window: 
  3. On the Add a trunk page:
    1. Enter the trunk name and outgoing CallerID.
    2. In Options for PEER, enter:
      • CallerID (see Item A).
      • Trunk password.
      • IP address of your TrueConf Server instance.
  4. To save changes in your PBX settings, click Apply Changes.

Step 2: Set up TrueConf Server

  1. Go to the TrueConf Server control panel.
  2. In the Network → SIP Gateway section, click Add Configuration.
  3. Choose manual configuration of SIP connection and click Create.
  1. To add a PBX connection rule fill in the form by entering:
  • Asterisk PBX address (e.g. and its port in the Host and Port fields.
  • CallerID and SIP trunk password (see Step 1) in the Login and Password fields.

In addition, check the Default VoIP Server box.

Step 3: Call a PBX from TrueConf Client Application 

By now, setup is complete, and you can call PBX subscribers using the dialer in our application or by finding a subscriber’s number in the address book.

Use the call string with #sip: and #tel: prefixes to identify PBX subscribers when administering the server (creating aliases, requesting API, compiling the address book, etc.). 



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