TrueConf Server Pricing

Which license do I choose?
We offer our customers three kinds of licenses for TrueConf Server. If you are a small organization and don't need more than 6 users, choose the Free version. If you are an educational institution or an NGO, choose the Academic license. If you don’t fall into either of these categories and still need a secured video conferencing solution within your premises, select the Standard License.

How long is the license valid?
Each 1 Year License is valid for 365 days, while Lifetime Licenses have no expiration date. You can upgrade from an 1 Year License to a Lifetime License anytime.

Who are 'Online Users'?
We count any user who is connected and authenticated, and/or has an 'Online' status in the Address Book, as an Online User. Users who are online but stay idle or do not conduct any conferences still count as being 'Online Users'. You have to sign out or disconnect from the server to relinquish the 'Online User' spot.

Another simple definition is: if a user can receive a call, then he is online.

The number of users connected to TrueConf Server simultaneously

LDAP - is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol which helps to integrate your system with existing corporate address book.

UDP Multicast - is a high-level communication protocol that coordinates the one-way transmission of data in a packet data network, which allows to send data directly from client to client and increases overall network performance.

Extended technical support includes telephone and email advice on installation, operation and upgrade of TrueConf Server and TrueConf Client software, assistance in integration with third-party products and protocls (LDAP, SIP, H.323, etc.) and in selection of equipment compatible with TrueConf Server system, free updates of TrueConf Server as well as distance training of end users to work with TrueConf Client software by means of TrueConf software.

Extended support is provided only to users who have purchased the latest version of TrueConf Server.

Built-in SIP/H.323 gateway enables TrueConf Server and its endpoints to communicate with legacy video conferencing equipment, PBXs and telephony. Gateway can act as a gatekeeper or a SIP registrar for 3rd-party equipment, which will appear in Address Book as normal TrueConf users.

Otherwise TrueConf Server can register itself on existing PBX, MCU or gatekeeper to ease communications through Firewall and NAT. Of course VoIP devices, legacy equipment and VMRs can be accessed directly through gateway in both directions during video calls and multipoint sessions. Gateway also supports stream capture via RTSP protocol which can be used to connect to IP cameras and surveillance systems.

Basic package includes support for 5 connections.

RTSP broadcasting is the ability to stream the scheduled video conferences using the RTSP protocol. The video layout is similar to that in symmetric group video conferences.

Any RTSP player or media server can connect to this streaming. The number of simultaneous streamings is only limited by your server processing resources. Scaling is available by external media servers.

Please contact our Sales Department for details.
Phone: 1-347-878-3263, E-mail:

Personal video calls - point-to-point video conference with two participants both seeing and hearing each other.

Multipoint video conferences - multi-point video calls make it possible to connect up to 25 participants at the same time where everyone can see and hear each other. The number of participants in a video conference is limited by your license plan.

Virtual Meeting (role-based group video conference) - allows to bring up to 120 participants togetherin a single video conference, where up to 4 persons selected by the owner of conference in real time can be seen and heard by others. This conference suits perfectly for meetings and allows every participant to play an active role while maintaining a low bandwidth and screen-estate usage. The number of participants in a video conference is limited by your license plan.

Video lecture - a special type of a video conference where up to 25 participants can see and hear only the owner of such conference while he or she can see and hear all of them simultaneously. The number of participants in a video conference is limited by your license plan.

All communication occurs within your local network and under your supervision. TrueConf Server does not require an Internet connection.

However, if you are using a Free License, you will occasionally need to check the license validity via the Internet using TCP port 4310.

Why Is It Secure to Use TrueConf Solutions?

  • All connections are secured with TLS/SSL protocol.
  • All data is encrypted using AES256.
  • We use proprietary transport layer.
  • Can be deployed within LAN/VPN/DMZ netwroks.
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party data encryption systems.
  • Only one TCP port is required.

Built-in scheduler will not let you miss important meetings.

User groups - allow you to split users into groups with different levels of privileges, e.g. the ability to create personal or group video conferences or use collaboration tools.

Video recording - allows to record and store audio and video streams from any participant for future reference or edit.

Instant Messaging - allows users of the TrueConf client applications to exchange text messages during a video call or a group video conference, as well as when not in the conference.

Slide show - helps to easily broadcast images and PowerPoint presentation to every participant of your conference.

Screen sharing (or remote desktop sharing) - enables a live video broadcast of your desktop screen to multiple parties.

Read more on the page TrueConf Client Applications.

All software updates are available free of charge during the first year for every license. For Lifetime License customers, we offer free updates starting from the second year, along with Extended Technical Support subscription.

Phone, email and live chat support is available for 30 days after the date of purchase. Our representatives will be glad to assist you during working hours and to promptly review and solve your issues using our ticketing system.

For extended technical support, please add the Extended Technical Support option to your order.

Federation is a very effective scaling mechanism that allows you to unite multiple TrueConf Server units into a single system. As a result, users from different servers are able to see who is online or offline and make calls to each other as if they were on the same server. Redundancy and load balancing is built in, certainly.

Please contact our Sales Department for details.
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TrueConf Enterprise is an ideal solution for building reliable and secure video conferencing infrastructure if you need to deploy a video conferencing system in a large area for many users. Solution is designed for:

  • Telcos and IT services providers.
  • Large distributed companies with national coverage.
  • Scaling and downsizing video conferencing systems based on TrueConf Server.

Being an easy to use and scalable solution, TrueConf Enterprise provides high quality video conferencing anywhere within any network. TrueConf Enterprise is available only if purchasing TrueConf license for more than 150 online users. For more information, system requirements, and demo please contact us at 1-347-878-3263 or

You can invite guests (users not registered on TrueConf Server) to a public conference and communicate with them just like with registered users during the conference.

Every public conference comes with an external web page that contains the conference description and ways of connecting to the conference.

You can also embed a video window of the public conference in an external webpage.

The number of users connected to TrueConf Server simultaneously

Please contact our Sales Department for details.
Phone: 1-347-878-3263, E-mail:

TrueConf Server Licensing Explained

  • We license only "online" users, the number of accounts on TrueConf Server is unlimited!

  • All TrueConf client applications are available free of charge and don't require CALs or separate licenses.

  • Our policy is very flexible. The larger the license the lower is price per Online User. All extra features have fixed price and don't depend on the size of the license.

  • Save with TrueConf! If you decide to extend or upgrade your license we'll deduct the amount you've paid us for previous license proportionally to the number of days left in it.