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TrueConf Server Free

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TrueConf Server

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UltraHD video conferencing for any task

Group video conferences, virtual meetings and video lectures

Up to 12 speakers and participants
Up to 1500 participants in the conference
Collaboration Tools

Content sharing, slideshow, remote desktop control, reactions, polling and more

Team Messaging

Personal and group chats, file sharing, and secure data storage

Client Applications for Any Platform

For Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Android TV and browsers

Conference Scheduling
Works through NAT, Firewall and Proxy

Doesn’t require direct IP address or additional ports

Great Network Resilience

Even 32kbps is enough for reliable video communication. Conference participants receive the video quality maximum possible for the devices and network channels they use


Available in client apps and on the server

Unlimited Number of Subscribers

TrueConf Server is licensed based on the number of online users

Up to 12 online users
Interoperability with SIP/H.323 endpoints and Video Surveillance Systems

Dial into TrueConf meetings or call out any third-party, standards-based audio or video device and surveillance systems via SIP/H.323/RTSP

1 connection
Webinars and Public Conferences

External meetings and webinars for unregistered users and guests

1 guest
On-Premises Setup

All communications are stored within your corporate network LAN /VPN. Operation through proxy servers and VPN gateways

Audio conferencing

Integration with enterprise PBX, VoIP or PSTN providers for calls

Presence Statuses

Informative statuses that reflect the availability or type of the user's device.

WebRTC Web Conferencing

Full duplex plugin-free in-browser communication

Ease of Administration

Managing integrations, accounts, user groups and policies, scheduling, recording and monitoring from a single web-based control panel

Multi-Vendor Interoperability

Ability to join meetings hosted on Zoom, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans Meetings, Lifesize Cloud or GoToMeeting

Autonomous Work

Server does not require constant Internet connection or rely on the Internet connection quality and third-party providers. Elimination of cloud outages and subsequent data loss risks

Internet connection required
Communications Secured with TLS & AES-256
TrueConf API

Integrate TrueConf video conferencing with third-party applications and websites

Large Video Conferences with up to 1000 Participants
Video Conference Streaming

Video conference streaming in real time across any audience with the help of popular services and solutions for content delivery (Youtube, Facebook Live)

Active Directory and LDAP Integration

Single sign-on (SSO), convenient administration and synchronizing of user data

Sign in on Multiple Devices

Simultaneous operation on multiple devices.

Scalability and Federation

TrueConf Server instances can be connected together for load balancing and higher redundancy. With federation, TrueConf Server users can communicate with users of other TrueConf Server instances. The number of federated TrueConf Server instances is unlimited

UDP Multicast Support

Designed for video conferencing through satellite networks. In this mode, users can participate in video calls directly, bypassing the server, which significantly reduces the network load

Extended Technical Support

TrueConf Special Licenses and Discounts

TrueConf provides up to 50% off TrueConf Server product licenses for educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and non-profits worldwide that meet certain requirements.


Is it really free to use even for commercial purposes?


How long is the free license valid?

The free license is valid for unlimited time. However, you need to renew your free license every year through our website. We have a guide on how to do this in our blog.

Can you connect TrueConf Server Free to standards-based video conferencing equipment or PBX?

Yes, you can connect a PBX or MCU/Gatekeeper to TrueConf Server Free using SIP or H.323 protocols. You can also invite video conferencing endpoints and VoIP devices of third-party vendors that operate through SIP/H.323 protocols into the conferences. Additionally, the integration with video surveillance systems via RTSP is also available. Free version offers 1 SIP/H.323/RTSP connection.

How many users can be registered on TrueConf Server Free?

The maximum number of user accounts that can be registered on TrueConf Server Free is 12.

Can you invite external users to conferences hosted on TrueConf Server Free?

TrueConf Server Free offers 1 guest connection for public web conferences. The users that do not have user accounts on your TrueConf Server Free instance can join your public web conferences or webinars as guests.

Is it possible to join conferences from the browser via WebRTC?

Yes, both guests and users with TrueConf Server Free can join conferences from their browser.

Can I activate TrueConf Server Free without an Internet connection?

No, this feature is only available in the full version. If you need a trial version of TrueConf Server that operates offline please contact us.