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TrueConf MCU Free

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TrueConf MCU

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Maximum number of active connections
Up to 150
up to 250 in cascading mode
Maximum number of simultaneously running conferences
Meeting time limit
Internet connection
Number of contacts in the address book
No “TrueConf MCU Free” watermark in the upper right corner of the screen
Multipoint video conferences for H.323/SIP endpoints
Global and individual video layouts
Recording, scheduling and conference management tools
Real-time monitoring & analytics
Cascading conferences to external servers


How does TrueConf MCU compare to the products from other vendors?

TrueConf MCU is easy to use and administrate, provides a free version, and offers built-in tools for streaming. Additionally, it supports hardware transcoding acceleration to increase MCU capacity.

What are the terms for using TrueConf MCU Free?

The free version can be used for an unlimited period of time. The only requirement is to renew the free license on an annual basis and permanent connection to our registration server via 443 TCP port.

What operating systems does TrueConf MCU support?

TrueConf MCU can be installed on Linux-based operating systems (Debian-family distributions, 64-bit).

What features are available in the full version of TrueConf MCU?

To learn about the features available in the full version of TrueConf MCU, please check this article in our blog.

Can I activate TrueConf MCU Free without Internet connection?

No, offline operation is only available to the customers who acquired the full version of TrueConf MCU. If you’d like to get a trial version of TrueConf MCU that operates offline without Internet connection, please contact our sales team.

What is MCU technology?

Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is a video transcoding server that manages multiple SIP/H 323 endpoints simultaneously, coordinates data processing between them, and forwards media streams during a video communication session. MCUs can be either hardware or software deployed in a virtual environment.

What is multipoint video conferencing?

Multipoint conference connects 3+ locations, e.g. meeting rooms, into a single video communication session, allowing all participants to interact and collaborate in real-time. With TrueConf multipoint calls, you can host engaging roundtable discussions for up to 36 on-screen users, exchange messages and files, share content, record sessions for future playback, and more.

What are the data transfer technologies in multipoint video conferencing?

There are four main architecture types of multipoint video communication systems:

• SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit). It is a traditional video conference based on media stream forwarding.

• Simulcast. It is based on parallel video streams forwarding that are redirected to meeting participants in a resolution that matches their bandwidth.

• SVC (Scalable Video Coding). It enables transferring multiple basic and secondary substreams of different quality into one stream to adjust to the varying endpoint characteristics, e.g. CPU or bandwidth.

• MCU (Multipoint Control Unit). This mixing-based architecture incorporates server-side data processing: upon gathering primary videos from all the participants, it creates a single media stream with the layout requested by the endpoint.

You can learn more about TrueConf solutions from our article.