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TrueConf Server

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TrueConf Enterprise

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On-premises setup

All communications take place within the corporate LAN/VPN. Operation through proxy servers and VPN gateways

Ultra HD video conferencing
Collaboration tools

Slideshow, screen and file sharing, chat, polls, reactions, and more

Client apps for all major platforms

Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and Android TV

Global user list

With unified address space, local users can swiftly find users of external servers, view their profiles, add to the address book, call via video conferencing, and send messages in chat

Automatic license balancing

TrueConf License Manager automatically distributes licenses between multiple servers based on the video conferencing usage and individual set of parameters for each TrueConf Server instance

Load balancing

When holding geographically distributed video conferences, TrueConf Server instances exchange only the missing streams, which optimizes the use of hardware resources and reduces network load between branches in the enterprise network

Border Controller

Restricting access from unwanted connections outside the corporate network.

Maximum number of users
up to 1500
from 1500
TrueConf Server allows you to host hundreds of conferences for thousands of users on a regular PC
TrueConf Enterprise is a modular video conferencing system that scales up to one million users
Two-factor Authentication

Personal data protection using a two-stage login system.


Full backup of key nodes and constant data synchronization between them ensure availability of the video conferencing system for users under any load


Premium technical support and tailoring the product to individual customer needs, including at the implementation stage

Integration with DLP Systems

Connecting a data leakage protection system that allows for the blocking of confidential information transmission.